Small Business Awards 2021

Small Business Awards 2021 57 Oct21374 Best Public Health Policy Consultancy 2021 Backed by a 100% virtual network of more than fifty professional consultants, Policy Wisdom LLC (PW) is located across six continents. It was created by design as a virtual company, which is “normal” today but was trendsetting eleven years ago. The company’s policy work spans several regions, reaching over 152 countries around the world. Through more than 18 proprietary tools and services, and a seasoned, multi-disciplinary team, PW is comprised of public health policy doctors, demographers, health economists, physicians, lawyers, health behaviour specialists, communications and marketing professionals, nurses, political scientists, pharmacists, toxicologists, and epidemiologists, among others. Their professional and educational diversity allows them to offer an unmatched and inclusive approach to address health policy solutions in cities, provinces, states, countries, regions, and globally. PW uses research and evidence-based methods to categorise vital developments that educate public health policies worldwide. Moreover, PW aims to provide its clients with the essential strategies and resources to attain their public-health policy goals. Selecting the adequate channels and stakeholders, the right evidence, messaging, and proposed policies is what makes policy shaping successful. PW has successfully developed and proven to be experts at that approach. PW collaborates with its clients to establish a thorough and actionable strategic route to outline policies that affect the health, environment, safety, and development of people, communities, and nations. Furthermore, through its partnership approach, the company can pay close attention to its client’s goals. Each project is tailored to the specific needs of the client; therefore, the project team becomes an extension of the client’s team to ensure complete alignment before initiating the project and throughout the project life cycle. To do so, PW establishes ongoing communication with the client team, provisional assessments of project progress, and client review and feedback sessions to ensure alignment and consent from clients. PW uses precise methodologies to guarantee that its deliverables are reliable and thorough across all countries or regions of operation – focusing on product consistency and quality. Projects go through several stages of revisions, evaluation, and authorisation before being presented to the client. PW also places a unique emphasis on using visuals and materials that are easy to read and absorb, which is valuable to those less involved in health policy as well as those who are experts on the topic. Its interdisciplinary, culturally, and educationally diverse team of consultants develops and reviews deliverables from various perspectives – with members being assigned based on the proficiency and value they bring to the specific project. This adds multiple perspectives that aid in adapting the cultural nuances of the market and the client – nurturing a culture of inclusiveness and collaboration in an open, communicative Founded in 2010, Policy Wisdom LLC was established to be a valued partner in the creation of every important policy that benefits public health and to play a role in every public health initiative worldwide. Recognised as the Best Public Health Policy Consultancy in 2021, PW is a pivotal partner to organisations, companies, and governments. The company has completed numerous projects across the world focused on improving access to products and services that are beneficial to the health and well-being of individuals. environment where challenges are addressed as a team and successes are shared together. Furthermore, PW is enormously proud of the growth and success it has achieved over the past eleven years. This organic growth has opened opportunities with additional clients within the pharma industry, advocacy organisations, medical device companies, academia, non-governmental organisations, and more. Whilst PW is recognised as a small business, it provides services to national and multi-national organisations. It maintains an unmatched reputation, high-quality products, a committed team, a strong partnership with its clients, and most of all, an unparalleled passion for public health and health policy. Company Name: Policy Wisdom, LLC Contact Name: Andres Carballo Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]