Small Business Awards 2021

Small Business Awards 2021 59 SME Consultancy of the Year 2021 - Canada Recognized as the SME Consultancy of the Year, M2M Business Solutions Inc. is a Canadian firm and leader in business consultancy with a specialized human-centric approach. M2M aims to transform its clients into ‘The Happy Organization’ – taking pride in building a company environment that encourages a culture of inspired people that deliver value-driven customer experience and a focus on workplace innovation. M2M Business Solutions Inc. help leaders break out of the status quo and develop much-needed clarity to re-envision new plans and targets. All whilst connected to trained and motivated employees, and processes that drive innovation, customer loyalty and profitability. M2M approaches its clients with fresh eyes to develop tailored and unique models that execute strategies, measuring them to sustainability. Based in Toronto, Canada, M2M primarily offers services in consulting, advisory, leadership paradigm and professional development. With its extensive experience working with C-suits across various industries such as manufacturing, plastics, logistics, food, IT, automotive and construction, to name a few, M2M is considered a distinguished business advisory and consulting firm with a unique, customizable approach. M2M delicately considers its client’s company’s needs by reviewing existing systems, assessing current market trends, and supporting clients by helping them adapt to consumer preferences. The services that M2M provides are offered virtually, online or in a hybrid manner with the addition of one-to-one and group consulting, advisory services, workshops, training and coaching. Since its establishment, the company has grown and expanded exponentially and are continuously modelling their approach, which has helped clients across nine thrive during times of change. Founder Kiran Mann states, “We are recognized for our futuristic approach and the ability to use customized, unconventional tools and techniques to play a critical role in enhancing the overall value and making organizations empathetic, efficient and highly profitable.” Renowned for its expertise in recognizing the unique differences within every organization, and builds solutions that are explicitly Made to Measure. After 23 years of experience within its field of expertise, M2M has provided clients with clear insights, bespoke solutions, and measurable results that exceed their expectations and investment. What makes M2M strong as a business is an internal culture and morale supported by its small team of nine members who are passionate, dedicated, and driven to its clients and the company’s overall values. Whilst M2M is seen as a smaller business, its size has been able to offer unique advantages such as its genuine commitment to the brand’s success. “Bringing in that commitment into the office is visible on a daily basis. When we discuss with each other on the best way forward or the best solution to a problem -when a person is involved and heavily invested, it shows. Everyone knows everyone else, and the camaraderie is pulsating,” states Kiran. Currently, for M2M, their proudest moment throughout their business journey has been that over the last year, the outcome of the Covid-19 pandemic was the creation of The Happy Organisation (THO), a complete consulting and advisory service designed by M2M. Oct21663 “We are committed to building ‘The Happy Organization’ everywhere we can by encouraging workplace innovation for market competitiveness, customer experience to make clients feel valued, and within a happier organizational environment with consistently higher levels of employee satisfaction and retention,” explains Kiran. Thus, all of these innovative vital features are there to aid in the achievement of sustainable profitability and business growth. With new and innovative projects on the horizon, M2M is increasing its growth and reputation yearly, intending to keep building its clients their businesses morale through motivation and leadership, offered by the best in the business – the members at M2M. Company Name: M2M Business Solutions Inc. Founder: Kiran Mann Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]