Small Business Awards 2021

Oct21107 Best Hand-Crafted Designer Jewellery Company - Sydney Daniele Designer Jewellers, having been founded in 1989, has been generating an exemplary and dedicated client base over time thanks to its beautiful bespoke jewellery creation. Fuelled by the passion of creative director Michael Daniele, the staff are constantly upskilling and developing their abilities, and as a company it is capable of creating all manner of beautiful and totally unique pieces that it shows off at trade shows and in its brick-and-mortar store, always looking for new designs, new innovations, and new aesthetics that it can bring to its market segment. Offering retail, wholesale, and manufacturing services in Australia, Daniele Designer Jewellers specialises in the creation of hand-crafted bespoke jewellery. Fundamentally, it has built up the prestige of its brand by bringing the prestige of bespoke jewellery to a wider market, producing its products in-house by way of its incredibly talented and hardworking staff, who can also repair and remodel existing jewellery. This, in essence, has made Daniele Designer Jewellers a one-stop-shop for all a client’s accessorising needs. Whether they wish to breathe new life into an old piece, remodel a piece of sentimental jewellery that has intense emotional value, or get themselves something new and exciting that they can fall in love with every time they put it on, Daniele Designer Jewellers prides itself on being the craftspeople who can help. Additionally, its pride in its work is emboldened by the innate prestige that comes with an Australian production pedigree working with Italian manufacturers. Those products that it doesn’t make itself are specially sourced from carefully selected Italian supplies, and thus it makes itself capable of stepping up to the plate to satisfy any brief or specifications, no matter how complex. This makes it especially capable of handling commissions such as engagement rings and wedding bands. In essence, each customer who walks through its doors can expect a level of exemplary customer service right from that first consultation, as Daniele Designer Jewellers gets to know them and the task they wish to put before it inside and out, taking a traditional and client-focused approach to its work whilst also including CAD design and the micro-setting of diamonds. All in all, it offers retail, wholesale, and manufacturing services within Australia that are a perfect blend of traditional celebration and contemporary excellence; essentially, it is this that has allowed it to become such a darling of its market segment and wider industry within the nation, having cultivated a loyal customer base due to the dependable excellence of its work. Each of these customers form a substantial and loyal market that it is excited to continue serving. Furthermore, it also provides work for corporate clientele alongside its private market segment – having provided pieces for TV network Warner Brothers that appeared in Bachelor in Paradise 2 and 3 as well as the Proposal – and handled insurance work for leading insurance companies within Australia. In addition, each of the services it has provided in the past for its exemplary clientele have all been completed with the core values of the business at the forefront of the staff’s mind. These pillars are what infuses Daniele Designer Jewellers with the dedication to client satisfaction that it has become known for, and in short, it wishes to be a transparent, good value, reliable solution that creates pieces perfectly to client’s specifications that they will be able to love and wear into perpetuity. This has forged a singular dedication to securing the best materials and production techniques, working only with the best of the best and creating sturdy, intricate, beautiful bespoke artwork out of jewellery. Moreover, each piece will be totally unique. It fosters a deep understanding that every client is different, and so every piece of bespoke jewellery must also be different, using its high-quality materials to create something that reflects a client’s personality and requirements perfectly. Michael Daniele, the creative director, sits down with a client himself in order to figure these out in a collaborative manner that Daniele Designer Jewellers’ clients have come to love as a part of the process, benefitting from Michael’s over 30 years of experience in his field and able to guide the direction of the design as it is drawn right in front of them. This traditional, personable, hand-sketched design process ensures that no detail is overlooked, and that the customer feels like an intrinsic part of the process. Daniele Designer Jewellers will also make time for the customer to come into the store, try on, and check pieces before it calls anything complete, doing an excellent job of ‘show don’t tell’ when it comes to only being satisfied once its client is totally happy with the final product. This is just one of the many things that sets it apart from its competitors. Similarly, its in-house production also secures its place at the head of the pack, as very few companies in the Sydney area manufacture their products themselves, an element that allows it to have far greater control over the design process and the quality of the materials used at every stage. It also doesn’t see many other companies prioritising giving customers the one-on-one time with the creative director like it does, and its hand-drawn design sketch process has become a defining feature of the experience that Daniele Designer Jewellers gives its customers. Furthermore, its specialty in ‘micro-setting’ is also a rarity in the Sydney region, all provided at a fair price without compromising on quality, in constant communication with its supplies domestically and overseas to source the best raw materials. The in-depth relationship it builds up with its clients also cultivates an atmosphere of friendliness and diligence that its market segment appreciates, making each and every one of them a friend to the business as well as a customer, demonstrating how much Daniele Designer Jewellers cares about them as individuals. Able to directly source white, yellow, and pink diamonds as well as morganite, sapphires, tanzanite, and more, Daniele Designer Jewellers uses its strong internal structure and dedicated client base to allow it to continually grow and improve. It would like to take this moment to extend its thanks out to every specialist employee within its ranks, from its production and design team to its sales assistants helping clients working on the shop floor, always looking for more hardworking, passionate individuals to welcome into the family. As it moves forward towards the future, it is excited to be able to continue delivering its small-business friendliness and diligence whilst expanding into an online platform that will allow it to include e-commerce in its business model, showing its dedication to learning and growing alongside its wider industry. Company: Daniele Designer Jewellers Contact: Michael Daniele Website: