Small Business Awards 2022

With a true dedication to each client and their goals, Flexdata uses Datacentre to provide IT consultation and project management, with a firm belief that no job is too big or too small. Nominally, it takes on board the processes and procedures that a client’s team are either unprepared for or are too busy to handle, allowing a client to rest assured that such things will be handled with the utmost attention to detail and the most upright zeal. Having branched into the internet of things recently – as well as into photovoltaic energy, to great success – it has been able to bolster its reputation in public administration and take itself to greater heights over the years, resulting in securing the loyalty of old clients and earning the interest of new leads, too. With the founders having come together to start the business in 2017 in Angola, it has come leaps and bounds since. Thus, despite the relative youth of the business, its growth has been exponential, with a growth year on year of that has allowed it to now number at a solid 30 employees, all of whom it trusts implicitly to handle the wishes and needs of its clients, with each person proving themselves time and again. When hiring these people, it looked for experienced, empathic, and sensitive people who will help it to provide the personable approach it wishes to deliver. Thus, nowadays, it can guarantee the most down-to-earth, flexibly minded, and empathetic staff will be handling a client’s case at every turn, granting them peace of mind by way of the inherent competence of the staff and the open lines of dialogue they keep open between Flexdata and the client. Interacting closely with clients and partners, its team work hard to notice details that its peers may overlook, and the staff are each driven by an intrinsic determination to reach for greater heights of excellence that allow for the delivery of projects on time, within budget, and to specification. Moreover, its diversified team cover a prodigious variety of different core competencies in data management and IT consultation more broadly. This allows it to consistently outperform its peers, as its solutions are truly holistic, not pigeonholed by overt specificity and instead able to be an impeccable all-rounder that delivers breadth as well as depth during a project. This innovation that is standard fare for Flexdata as a result is thanks to this team. Each of them bring new perspectives, ideas, and background to the table, contributing ideas that push Flexdata as a company and communications as an industry to the next level; whether these innovation are bettering its products directly or bettering itself internally so that it can deliver better customer service, it promises it is always evolving for the better. Much like the digital age itself, Flexdata is consistently adapting to the boldest new movements in this way. A business-casual Best Information & Communications Company - Angola Operating on all industry verticals across both information technology and communications, Flexdata as a company has been giving the best of itself to its clients in a reliably and outstanding show of customer service. After all, such things are in its DNA. From training all of its employees to be market leaders in and of themselves to delivering structured projects to customers as a result, its core business is in IT consultation and project management, both of which it had become famous for. company that truly gives its all to its employees, it gives them the comfort and space they need to be themselves, feeling no need to foist unnecessary levels of closeness upon them that they aren’t comfortable with in order to let those relationships grow naturally. And, indeed, they do. Having gathered around it a team of people who each strive for success and share similar mindsets towards the work and the client, it has found that the internal culture is a resultingly very healthy one, full of people who aren’t afraid of a challenge as they know that the other professionals in their team has got their back. It is this that has set it on its current trajectory towards great levels of further growth, after all. In the field of innovation, information, and technological infrastructure, one must always be ready to shift and refocus, as – especially in a world where the pandemic has ushered in a global boom in the importance of technology – things can rapidly shift the sands beneath a company’s feet without warning if they’re not paying attention. With a presence in Portugal, Angola, Brazil, and Mozambique, it highlights its honesty and tenacity when it comes to showing its clients why they should put their faith in its efforts. Indeed, it acts with the utmost competence and a well-earned confidence when it serves its clients, alleviating the stress that can sometimes go hand in hand with outsourcing one’s IT services by acting with every inch of the excellence it claims to. This is proven again and again through the glowing reviews and referrals its clients leave, touting the outstanding results of its work across the board. From its information systems efforts such as system admin and system counselling, to structured telecommunications network services like optical fibre help and structure cabling – and even hardware, software, cooling systems, network management, and security – its clients will never be disappointed when it comes to receiving the best IT services with the most dependable results. As the company strives to better the delivery of its vastly differentiated services without every compromising on quality, corporate ethics, or effectiveness, its basic principles are credibility, compromise, integrity, ethics, and transparency, and each of these have formed a solid foundation for it to build on in the future. Thus, it is always searching for fresh young professionals looking to kickstart their career by joining a firm where the growth never stops, and the commitment to personal and corporate development benefits everyone. Company: Flexdata Contact: Joao Pelicano Website: