Small Business Awards 2022

The majority of people – old and young – enjoy a dip in a pool, be it for exercise, fun, or cooling off in the summer. Therefore, its vital that such pools are compliant with safety regulations. Certified Pool is a company that knows the ins and outs of swimming pool safety, and as a result, it can ensure that your pool is safe and sound. It’s imperative that a pool – public or private – is safe and compliant with local and national legislation. Certified Pool can provide a great amount of assistance in this area. Indeed, the New South Wales-based company specialises in swimming pool and spa safety compliance services, providing them to homeowners and the real estate industry, with such services being essential to a ‘contract for sale’ or a ‘rental agreement’ of a property with a swimming pool and/ or a spa. Henceforth, Certified Pool is on a mission to provide exceptional swimming pool and spa compliance services to its clients across the Northern and Eastern suburbs of Sydney. Established just over five years ago, Certified Pool is a member of both the Swimming Pool & Spa Association (SPASA) and the Association of Accredited Certifiers (AAC). In this time, Certified Pool has also been recognised as Gold Winners of Best Pool & Spa Barrier Inspector NSW & ACT 2019 and Silver Winners (Highly Commended) for Best Pool & Spa Barrier Inspector National 2019. It is with these awards in mind that the quality of Certified Pool’s work becomes clear; the company strives for perfection within each job it performs, and it truly prioritises client-centricity. For example, when working with a new client, Certified Pool has a number of personal contact points after their initial inquiry, as this system has been designed to help clients through a simple threestep process. Moreover, if the client is an estate agent, Certified Pool offers an additional Barrier Safety and Regulations Compliance training to their sales team, which then benefits the agency as they can guide their clients through the process. Through working in such close proximity to its clients, Certified Pool has developed a comprehensive understanding of its clients needs and wants and how to adapt its services for every unique project. Consequently, this approach is infused within the team, which is built on a client-centric, solutions, and outcomes-based culture. The company boasts an exceptionally experienced and talented team who have a strong local presence and understanding of Certified Pool’s clients’ environments. Certified Pool strives to benefit the community, following along with local trends, as this enables it to build an immediate report. Communication, efficiency, and professionalism is also key to the team’s operations, and therefore, Certified Pool has built a team renowned for being the best of the best. Certified Pool believes that going forward, it can grow through the increased used of technology, without compromising on its core value of personalised service. Its name and reputation are crucially important, and it plans to be mindful to protect this with any new introduction of technology or change to its systems. In essence, technology can only take you so far. The company places an enormous emphasis on customer service, and it is honoured to be seen as its clients’ certifier of choice. Contact: Granville Harris Company: Certified Pool Web Address: Dec21465 Best Swimming Pool Safety Compliance Specialists - Australia