Small Business Awards 2022

A Mauritian based company with deep roots in its local region despite its relative youth, Zapproach has made itself a true front-runner in technological andbusiness support positioning as a Fintech company, by providing online payment white label solutions, business-in-a-box solutions for SMEs, Go Digital products, and all multitude of services within. Being a globally renowned firm that has been built up from a solid foundationof core values, its innovation, creativity, teamspirit, developmental processes, andcommitment to client success is truly second to none. Zapproach is a company taking a unified approach to innovative business start-up solutions, with turnkey options for helping clients hit the ground running in both Fintech and digital transformation. Its Go Digital products as an integrated solution covers everything from SME ERP, ecommerce websites, mobile apps, digital marketing, as well as digital payment, e-wallets, and ecommerce integrations, amongst many others. Nominally, each of these solutions is underpinned by the values and principles that have propelled the company into the spotlight both in its industry and in its market segment; these include integrity, creativity, value creation, teamwork, and passion, forging the motivating factors that keep its team pushing forward. Each of these inform its overall mission of accompanying and supporting its clients’ successes. Its innovative approach and internal processes allow it to take a client from the very first consultation down a road paved with achievable, flexible, and tailorable milestones that form the goalposts Zapproach and its clients are thriving throughout. Step 1 is client meeting, step 2 is identifying features and architecture, step 3 is design, and step 4 is agile development, allowing for the process to be broken down into steps based on the already-established features list. An agile roadmap constantly reviewed and assessed is used to keep the Most Innovative Fintech Start-Up - Mauritius entire process flexible before it moves onto quality assurance and product launch. In such a competitive industry – especially in a world where the emerging digital paradigm has been spurred on by the pandemic – its focus has been to solve client pain points using innovative, easy-to-use UI/UX where its clients have fully benefited from digital transformation advantages resulting in their business growth. Fundamentally, the result has been concise, intuitive, and competitively priced digital start-up solutions. Additionally, promoting SME digitalisation is an invaluable part of this, its business-in-a-box, cloudbased solutions, payment gateways, and more come with unwavering and continuous support, ensuring that this autonomy is tempered by a support network they can rely on. Consequentially, in the future, Zapproach is looking forward to fully realising its vision to be an established service provider on the world stage with its innovative products and support services. Company: Zapproach Ltd Email: [email protected] / [email protected] Website: