Small Business Awards 2022

Best Boutique Multimedia Studio - Portugal Since first opening their doors, the VisionOnset team have proudly pushed the boundaries to communicate old messages in new ways. With strong emotion at the very core of what the team offer, they conceptualise, then curate experiences that are truly unique for their audiences. It’s little wonder, with such a strong track record behind them, that they are in such high demand. Over the last few years, the VisionOnset team have been involved in the creation of numerous video mapping projects, as well as various installations and multimedia solutions. Whilst based in Portugal, demand for the team’s exceptional level of skill has seen them working in European countries such as Spain and Germany. Achieving this reach in the field has been by no means simple, but it has showcased the team’s remarkable abilities in their niche. For this team, it’s not just about the technology, or the innovation or the communication. It’s the unique way in which their projects tie all of these elements together to create a celebration of all three. VisionOnset’s strength is in the team’s ability to fuse together all of the aspects that an entrepreneur with something to say would want to see. It’s something old presented through something new. Good ideas are always the starting point for the team’s creations, but these are elevated by the stunning expertise and creativity expressed by VisionOnset as an organisation. With a small structure keeping things going, everyone has the opportunity to engage with the work that the team take part in. As such, the owner has a vertical vision of how projects are developing, and is able to be incredibly close to the way in which client work. These relationships are what allows the team to shape such innovative ideas, perfectly matched to the needs of their clients. The first briefing, therefore, is one which acts as the springboard on which the rest of an opportunity develops. From these conversations, sketches and storyboards are produced and primary documents validated. Throughout the process, the client is engaged and involved with how each event is being run. The VisionOnset team stand apart not simply because they involve their clients, but because they are perpetually flexible in how they operate. For them, last minute requests are often easily implemented. Indeed, the team have been known to perform alterations even with the machines running and the event in full swing. The company’s impressive reputation saw them achieve remarkable success during the first trimester of 2019. Compared to the previous year, they grew three times larger financial during this period. Soon after, however, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The team’s work shifted overnight into the digital realm, and they were forced to reinvent themselves by hosting digital events, 3D scenarios, broadcasting and streaming events. Now the world has returned to a new sense of normal, the team has found a world forever changed, but one which is open to new possibilities. Success for the VisionOnset team seems inevitable as they adapt to the rapidly changing times in which we live. With even the brightest and best within the industry unable to unseat them, we cannot help but celebrate their tremendous success – long may it last! Company: VisionOnset – Creative Multimedia Studio Name: Goncalo Andrade Pires Email: [email protected] Web Address: The team at VisionOnset are pioneers of communication. Their success is built giving their clients the way to tell stories in inventive ways. Their work has earned them an astonishing reputation as multimedia masters. In the Small Business Awards 2022 fromCorporate Vision, the teamwere recognised for their immersive experiences. We dig a little deeper to see just how they go about generating innovative ideas which take audiences by storm. Small Business Awards 2022 25