Small Business Awards 2023

Small Business Awards 2023 19 Oct23049 Based in Chile, Nava is a consulting firm that offers companies its profound expertise in managing large mining ore and waste in a sustainable manner. It helps a wide range of clients with its technical excellence, and assists them in successfully achieving all local and global standards, and meeting global footprint minimums. It offers invaluable guidance in projects that involve tailings impoundments, heap leach facilities, dumps and related mining industry structures, for the entire lifespan of the facility. Nava Consulting offers various services including, but not limited to, dynamic stability analyses of dams, geotechnical characterization, standard conformance reviews, and operations and corporate guidance and support for tailings management. It oversees country and client specific regulations, local and international standards, and risk management factors. The type of clients the company serves are predominantly mining companies such as Anglo American, Teck, Lundin, and CODELCO. Nava has a panoptic understanding of the importance of sustainability and communities in mining developments, and works alongside its clients to help them reach their goals in that department. As a company, it values working collaboratively to produce successful projects, and facing problems creatively, with an open mind. It focuses on tailored solutions for clients, using its global technical knowledge in the field. As a boutique agency, it is able to create an attractive environment that both encourages and develops top tier talents, enabling excellence to thrive in its ranks. It is committed to adopting its clients’ and peers’ objectives to move forward with competence. These core values, which can be synopsized as collaboration, creativity, excellence, and commitment, are the cornerstone of Nava’s success. Its team are dedicated to offering a niche service and teaming up with clients and manage their large mining ore and waste volumes. This is an aim that is intransigent, regardless of whether a client is new or a long-time collaborator. Its aim is to deliver permanent or long-term solutions that clients can maintain, even when Nava has moved on from the project. The main focus is always to empower clients, not just solve a one-off problem. Nava embraces success criteria founded on its core values and finds itself recognized and inspiring best wishes from both peers and clients. This continues to amaze its founders who could not have imagined this to be happening after only four years past since they started this dream. It is inherently flexible, and able to work remotely in many different cities across Chile and overseas. Clients have growingly trusted Nava to advise and solve challenging problems by working in fluid teams with different skills and expertise, all aligned in producing the best solution. Nava is the type of consultancy firm that its founder members are proud to say they would have relished the opportunity to work in themselves, when they were young engineers. It embraces a horizontal culture, whereby senior executives work side by side with junior team members. This means that everyone at Nava is invited to participate and feel ingrained in the company. Nava is a young and dynamic company. Its founders say it has a life of its own and joke about where it will take them in the future. Will it be opening a new branch in another country or within a new service area?. For now, the company is opened to what future may bring and enjoying its growing team and challenging projects. As the recently named Best Mining & Metals Consulting Firm 2023 - South America, it is certainly moving in the right direction. Contact Details Company: Nava Consulting Web Address: Contact Name: Gail Riddell Best Mining & Metals Consulting Firm 2023 - South America