Small Business Awards 2023

Oct23267 The Anantara Iko Mauritius Resort & Villas offers a bespoke connection with Mauritian culture, and a chance to immerse yourself in a wellness adventure on the fringe of the beautiful Le Chaland Beach. The venue is home to the Anantara Spa, which is a dedicated sanctuary that provides a diverse wellness experience that honours traditional Mauritian healing practices, whilst incorporating renowned modern spa methods of an international high standard. Benefitting from delightful breezes supplied by the nearby Indian Ocean, the Anantara Spa at the Iko Mauritius Resort & Villas embodies a haven of tranquillity. It features an array of specialised treatment rooms, each designed to cater for unique needs of guests. The single person treatment rooms offer a serene place to relax and rejuvenate whilst enjoying a stimulating massage or indigenous treatment in privacy and comfort. For couples seeking a shared experience, there are also two couples treatment rooms, enhanced with private Hamman facilities. Couples can enjoy an uplifting spa experience together, in one of these specially crafted rooms. For guests who prefer an immersive experience, combining new encounters with their wellness excursion, there is also the opportunity to visit the outdoor Thai Massage Pavilion. This combines the enriching essence of the natural surroundings with the wellness nourishment of the treatment process. The Anantara Spa itself features an outdoor treatment room too, which is available especially for guests who would like the chance to connect with nature while undergoing therapy. Supplementing and enhancing these spaces is a traditional Hamman, where guests can partake of an authentic Turkish bath experience. The ancient Indian wellness science of Ayurveda is also celebrated at Anantara Spa with a selection of therapies that are aimed at balancing the different energies of the body. The resort’s beauty salon further extends the spa’s wellness experience with a range of aesthetic treatments for the face, hair, and nails. There is also the opportunity to unwind, either before or after treatments, in one of the two designated relaxation areas. These have been created to purposefully extend the peace and serenity of guests whilst they enjoy the spa experience. There is also a whirlpool that guests can submerge themselves in, providing a relaxing hydrotherapy experience for those that choose to engage. The spa also offers a blissful hideaway experience with garden rooms that perfectly balance the ancient Thai techniques and Mauritian philosophies advocated by Anantara Spa. It invites visitors to lose themselves in a timeless journey that unites body and soul in a wholesome wellbeing undertaking. The signature Massage at the Anantara Spa employs a proprietary blend of oils, combined with specific movements that are designed to seamlessly work together. The result stimulates circulation, promotes deep relaxation, and restores the flow of energy along the body’s meridian lines. The signature massage begins with a Floral Foot Ritual, and concludes with refreshments, ensuring that guests are fully taken care of from start to finish. An alternative treatment that strongly resonates with the local culture is the Iko Mauritian Signature Massage. This therapy is a composite of several elements including stretching, warm towels, and a range of gliding strokes from light to firm. Each of these components is carefully curated to alleviate muscle stiffness and induce a deep sense of well-being. The treatment is completed with a foot reflexology session aimed at releasing any residual internal stress. The Anantara Spa also provides ancient Ayurvedic treatments, for unique and different wellness experiences. The Abhyanga massage, for instance, focuses on enhancing the flow of vital energy within the body. Alternatively, Shirodhara is a practice in which a continuous stream of warm oil is gently poured onto the forehead. This practice is highly effective in calming the mind and spirit, improving memory, and releasing stress and tension. The spa also offers a deeply rejuvenating head massage using Ayurvedic herbal oils and techniques. This special treatment is known to relieve tension headaches and neck pain. The Anantara Spa at the Anantara Iko Mauritius Resort & Villas takes a holistic approach overall, and employs a wide variety of techniques and philosophies. In so doing, the spa provides a wonderfully balanced path to wellness for guests, and serves as an oasis of calm. It’s tranquil setting harmonizes beautifully with the expertise of its gifted therapists to provide a wellness experience like no other. It is no wonder it has been recognised as the Best Luxury Hotel Spa Experience 2023 – Mauritius in the Small Business Awards. Well done to a marvellous spa, providing outstanding customer wellness experiences. Contact Details Company: Anantara Spa Web Address: Contact Name: Kevin Seeburrun Best Luxury Hotel Spa Experience 2023 - Mauritius