Small Business Awards 2023

Global Business Awards 2023 9 always responds with, “we make magic happen!” Driven forward by unique and powerful methodologies which cement the foundations of its noble work, the team gladly inspires behaviour change at every turn, delivering demonstrable results that drives business forward. Michelina explains, “We are an organisation that never arrives but [is rather] continually learning, growing, and lifting others as we rise.” With an innate knowledge of learning and personal development to boot, it is no surprise that Grow Right’s leadership team have cultivated an internal culture that is very much defined by its values. This has extended to the adopting of “L.O.V.E. layers”, an acronym for Layers of Valued Expertise, an umbrella term that favours such qualities as gratitude and connectedness. Furthermore, open-mindedness, curiosity, and a laser-focus is sought out, as well as dedication, courageous leadership, integration, trust, and balance, with these again being extensions of the company’s governing values. In regard to the leadership team that Michelina herself is apart of, they similarly strive to expand and grow, making sure that the methodologies and leanings the company has implemented filter down throughout the organisation, reaching teams and suppliers. For the team, consistency is essential in their day-to-day operations, and when they recruit talent, consistency is too key, along with the same passion, attention to detail, accountability, curiosity, adaptability, and authenticity that the wider organisation has become famed for. When it comes to the future of Grow Right, Michelina and the team have a saying, “explore, experiment, experience, expand – we are movement.” It is this ethos which is largely governing the company for the foreseeable future and has also led to the launching of a sister organisation, Hilarion Global. In a similar vein, this endeavour is built on likeminded cornerstones and values, with this new organisation offering a comprehensive digital and online learning platform that is centred around three distinct pillars of business and 12 elements, with the end goal being to reach one’s highest self and access the optimal state of wisdom. Hub Parking Technology CEO Barney Beukes has been a client with the organisation since the very beginning, and as an esteemed mentor and entrepreneur himself, the praise he affords Grow Right serves only to solidify their claims. He states, “there is tremendous energy when dealing with Grow Right Edge Solutions, a small medium enterprise that doesn’t look at how big the problem is, they rather look at what must be done to change the world, which is massive in today’s world and economies. […] I believe this small medium company found a magic bullet to help companies understand their people, touch their lives and make them believe they can change the world to become a better place.” Ultimately, as a result of its boundless pursuit of personal mastery, corporate development, and neuro coaching for clients, Grow Right Edge Solutions has successfully established itself as an industry frontrunner, and an organisation that is committed to making the world a better place. With these qualities in toe, the company is more than worthy of this award, championing it as the definitive pioneer in the field of learning and personal development. Contact Details Contact: Michelina De Benedictis Company: Grow Right Edge Solutions Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Global Business Awards 2023 9