Technology Elite Awards 2019

US BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Technology Elite Awards 23 , MembershipWorks Best Membership Management SaaS 2019: MembershipWorks Aug19255 MembershipWorks provides web-basedmembership software for associations, clubs, groups, non-profits, and chambers of commerce. In celebration of the firm’s win in this year’s Technology Elite Awards we profile it to find out more about its unique solution and how this has driven it to the success it now enjoys. Initially created by founder, Karen Kuah, MembershipWorks was formed when she was an executive director of a local chamber of commerce and realized the need for an innovative solution to manage her membership. Karen’s biggest struggle was finding enough time to meet all of the organization’s needs. So much time was spent on administrative tasks that Karen was not able to engage with the community as much as she wanted to. The website for the chamber was built by a board member who loved technology and created a gorgeous website. While this was a cost-effective solution for the organization, the main problem was that only the board member could update it. So, the process of making changes was inefficient and slow, and as a result managing the website was time consuming. The chamber had also invested in a membership database system, but it was clunky and not cloud-based, so it was hard to maintain. Finding information was difficult and there were no online help options. In the end, the organization moved out of the database onto spreadsheets, but a lot of time had to be expended on organizing and updating the spreadsheets. Karen realized the need for a technology solution for small/medium organizations like the chamber, something that had enough features to simplify life, but not so complicated that it took weeks of training or could only be used by one person at the organization. Today, she heads MembershipWorks and drives this innovative firm towards excellence. The firm’s unique solution is designed to put all of its users’ needs in one easy-to-use platform. Provided directly to organisations or to their web developers, the firm’s innovative software allows these organizations to manage their member data (CRM), process online payments, accept donations, track their financials, publish their member directory and events calendar online, and more. MembershipWorks is fully responsive and works with WordPress, SquareSpace, Weebly and most websites, so organizations can integrate their solution without having to change or disrupt their existing website. This creative software is backed by free customer service by phone, email and individualized training sessions. As a result, clients feel fully supported throughout their time using MembershipWorks. Looking to the future, MembershipWorks intends to enhance its current success by continuing to adapt its award-winning solution around the trends it is seeing in the technology industry. Currently, the firm is noticing the continuation of the trend of more users engaging with organizations through their mobile devices rather than PCs. In addition, there has been a shift from website platforms like Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress to newer platforms such as Squarespace and Weebly. As such, the firm is continually updating its systems to address and adapt to these changes. Additionally, with increasing privacy concerns surrounding giant social media platforms such as Facebook, MembershipWorks’ customers may have an emerging role in fostering online dialogue in smaller social networks within their membership. As such, the firm’s challenge would be to build more social features into its product in a way that makes sense for these organizations so they can be successful and relevant in the future. Overall, MembershipWorks will work to overcome these challenges and drive real efficiency and innovation in the membership management space. Address: 3131 McKinney Ave #600, Dallas TX 75204 Telephone Number: +1 (469) 804 0871 Web Address: “...the firm’s challenge would be to build more social features into its product in a way that makes sense for these organizations so they can be successful and relevant in the future.”