Technology Elite Awards 2019

24 US BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Technology Elite Awards , Best IP Litigation Software Analysis Provider 2019 & Innovation Award in Software Forensics 2019 Software Analysis and Forensic Engineering (SAFE Corporation) is the leading provider of software analysis and comparison tools for intellectual property (IP) litigation. In celebration of the firm’s win in this year’s Technology Elite Awards programme we profile it and showcase how it has come to achieve the market leading position it enjoys today. In the current corporate landscape, where technology, digital tools and IP solutions are increasingly common, companies need to make sure that their assets are protected and that they have the tools and solutions to keep them safe and to prove ownership. Seeking to meet this need, SAFE Corporation provides patented tools, incorporated into the CodeSuite ® app, which have been used over 100 times in court and have withstood every challenge. The algorithms have been described in a number of peer-reviewed journals and the seminal textbook on software forensics, The Software IP Detective’s Handbook. Alongside providing these award-winning solutions, the firm has also trained over 40 experts worldwide in the use of the tools and their methodologies, helping to support the wider IP litigation market and drive it towards even greater innovation and efficiency. Drawing on the experience of its Founder and President Bob Zeidman, SAFE Corporation uses his expertise to continue to drive innovation within this dynamic and exciting market. Bob began his career as a computer chip designer, later a computer system designer, and eventually an engineering consultant to many Silicon Valley companies. He worked on many advanced projects for some of Silicon Valley’s well- known tech companies as well as start-ups, some of which became successful and others that did not. Using his entrepreneurial spirit and expertise Bob started a number of his own companies and came to realize the value of intellectual property. While performing a labor-intensive code comparison for a copyright infringement lawsuit, he recognized how the process could be automated and optimized, and so he created the CodeMatch ® app that was later integrated into the CodeSuite app. His first major use of the app was for Facebook (the case immortalized in the movie The Social Network), which funded SAFE Corporation. Having achieved phenomenal success so far, moving forward SAFE Corporation is continually working to add features to CodeSuite to make understanding the results easier and make presentation of the results clearer. Recently, the firm has finished an academic version of the program that is being tested in several major universities to detect plagiarism of student programming projects. Professors and teachers do not have the time to examine all of the results, but they must not be put in a position to make wrong accusations against students. CodeSuite-AC automates much of the interpretation of the results and will not result in false accusations. Ultimately, these developments will help SAFE Corporation to achieve its mission: to create tools and procedures that turn intellectual property cases from a subjective battle of experts into an objective, quantifiable means for determining infringement or noninfringement. In the past, many IP cases rested on such factors as the reputations and likeability of the experts on the case. With the tools from SAFE Corporation, judgments can be based on the quantitative measure of correlation that is produced by its CodeSuite tool. To reach this goal, in addition to providing tools, the firm trains litigation consultants and expert witnesses in how to run the tools, interpret the results, prepare reports, and present the results in court, and this will remain central to the firm’s success over the years to come. Company: SAFE Corporation Name: Bob Zeidman Email Address: [email protected] Telephone Number: +1 650-741-5809 Web Address: SAFE Corporation