Technology Elite Awards 2019

38 US BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Technology Elite Awards , Gear Live Media: Best Multi-Platform Tech Influencer 2019 Andru Edwards is a trend-setting video creator and social media powerhouse. As we recognise this tech influencer in this year’s Technology Elite Awards we felt it was important to share an insight into howhe is driving trends and showcasing the latest innovations to his avid subscribers. Influencer marketing is one of the most popular forms of promotion in today’s corporate market, with many brands and consumers trusting online experts to showcase the latest products and solutions. There are now influencers across the retail space: from health and beauty products through to toys and games, they can help promote or bring down any product. Within the technology space, influencing has always been popular, and one company that is driving excellence in this space is Gear Live, and its founder, Andru Edwards. Launched in June 2004 Gear Live has been dedicated to showcasing the latest technology and innovations from across this dynamic marketplace for over more than 15 years. Today, Andru Edwards provides news, reviews, tutorials, and commentaries on all the latest gadgets, consumer electronics, and games along with the latest trends in the consumer technology space. Readers, subscribers, and followers enjoy his honest approach and engaging content, making Edwards one of the most popular providers of technology updates online currently. Rather than focusing on one platform, Edwards has made it his mission to respect each platform, providing his content across various social media services like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and more. If you have a favourite social media platform, you’ll likely find Andru Edwards publishing his work there. As a tech influencer, Andru Edwards also works with some of the top brands in the space to showcase their products and services to his audience of bleeding edge tech fans and consumers after a vetting process to determine which devices will resonate the most. Gear Live aims to constantly provide an unbiased opinion along with a detailed description of a products features as well as the benefits and downsides of every product it tests. Posting everything from videos through to written reviews, the site is perfect for everyone from those seeking to buy a new toy through to experts looking for advice on the latest releases. With the technology market constantly bringing out new solutions and products, the future looks bright for Andru Edwards and Gear Live, as the company is prepped for expansion in order to bring even more technology and showcase its benefits to readers around the world. Company: Gear Live Media Contact: Andru Edwards YouTube: Website: Gear Live Media