Technology Elite Awards 2019

US BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Technology Elite Awards 41 , Best Business Intelligence Consulting Services Provider - Michigan VanData LLC Young and vibrant business intelligence consulting specialist VanData is committed to bringing a unique service offering to its clients throughout the corporate market. We invited Founder Nick VanderLaan to find out more about how far it has come since its inception just four years ago. Founded in 2015, VanData has since grown into a respected provider of business intelligence and data consulting services. Its creator, Nick VanderLaan, aimed to create a BI company different from the rest after years of experience with information systems and database reporting. Nick describes how he came to create this unique company. “Prior to founding VanData, I studied Physiology before obtaining my MS in Information Systems with a specialty in Medical Informatics. As I started working post-graduation, I saw a disparity in the companies spearheading analytics and reporting initiatives- the majority were larger companies.” “This realization spurred the idea for VanData-analytics and reporting services that were more affordable and agile enough so smaller companies could take advantage of the data explosion we have seen in recent years and compete better with their larger counterparts. The idea that big data and data analytics is only for large companies with large budgets is a notion I wanted to change, a change that would give all companies the ability to use and apply their data to better analyze, interface and compete in their markets as well as realize a full return on investment of their information system implementation.” This notion is at the center of VanData - that all companies should have the ability to use and apply data to better analyze, interface, and compete in their markets as well as see a full return on investment of their information system implementation. Nick has remained faithful to this ambitious goal and has constantly worked to push the boundaries and create a unique firm that he and his team can be proud of. Today, VanData is composed of energetic, talented individuals, each bringing their own ingenious solutions to the company. This diversity is an integral aspect of the VanData culture. Employing an agile teamwork approach, coupled with a focus on client communication, the firm’s team is dedicated to exceeding clients’ information system expectations. The company’s development-heavy framework consists of one point of contact with clients - optimizing communication - while at the same time enabling an extensive set of resource backing (the rest of the team) for use on client projects. This strategy, combined with the firm’s several options for purchasing development hours, lends clients the agility to quickly scale up their own projects, as Nick highlights: “VanData is a flexible, scalable extension of your own Information Systems department. Our ability to perform high quality work quickly for clients, while at the same time remaining affordable and maintaining excellent client communication is key. “Based on a survey sent out to current clients we have a 100 NPS. Our flexibility in client agreements to allow for hours to be purchased on an as-needed or on-demand basis gives us an advantage that many of our clients appreciate. The emphasis VanData places on streamlined communication - where our clients have only one source of contact, but a team of developers working for them - allows for projects to be extremely organized while having a large amount of resources available for use.” Together, the team delivers premium business intelligence reports, tailored cloud-based solutions, data migration work, efficient database management, and other dynamic services in a timely and cost-effective manner to keep clients highly satisfied (and maintain their 100 NPS score). Thanks to the expertise of its team, VanData is able to provide the business intelligence consulting and data services companies need to survive in today’s world and to prosper in the future. Ultimately, VanData believes that adapting for the future is key for organizations, both large and small, to maintain profitability and remain sustainable. This will remain the firm’s core focus as it looks towards a bright and exciting future. Company: VanData LLC Website: Contact: Nick VanderLaan