Technology Elite Awards 2019

US BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Technology Elite Awards 49 , Founded in 2008, RyanHunt decided to build a company of highly-knowledgeable and caring individuals, committed to helping businesses so they can help customers. More than ten years on, Hunt’s Computer Solutions is bigger and better than ever before, and is now recognized as the Best SME ITManaged Services Provider inNashville. Discover how one man’s passion transformed into the award-winning business it is today. Many companies begin with a single person’s passion, or interest in an innovative idea. That was indeed the case for Ryan Hunt, founder and CEO of Hunt’s Computer Solutions. From solving his family’s pest control business technology needs in the 1990s, to first discovering the Internet, to owning his very own successful business dedicated to providing IT services, Ryan’s passion for technology has been clear throughout his life. When he wasn’t out exploring in the woods as a teenager during high school, Ryan was fixing his family’s business needs, digitizing paper-and-pencil processes which saved time and money with extra efficiency. Eventually, Ryan’s knowledge and interest spread to include the family computer and it’s connection to the Internet. It didn’t take long for him to decide that he wanted to work in technology, and the dream of Hunt’s Computer Solutions was born. Since the company’s foundation more than ten years ago, Hunt’s Computer Solutions has grown year on year, with past three years resulting in the company doubling its success thanks to developments in cyber security. Serving clients who are mostly owner-operated businesses in the service industry, Ryan and his team take care of their technology so that they can take care of their clients. Ryan still believes what he has believed since he was a teenager; that technology should always help to achieve business goals, never causing unnecessary stress. That is the core mission at Hunt’s Computer Solutions, helping small business owners make more money in less times. Dispelling the myth that technical support staff are painful to talk to, Ryan and his team of staff provide businesses with a level of service that is not just effective, but enjoyable as well. At Hunt’s Computer Solutions, the staff work hard to be more than simply another IT vendor. Instead, they become a Virtual Chief Technology Officer (VCTO), helping businesses make decisions that leverage technology in the best ways possible. That way, business can leave the infrastructure oversight, technology analysis, and long-term technology planning to Ryan and his firm, whilst they get on with building their business and doing what they do best. The firm boasts a number of excellent practices that stand them head and shoulders above their competitors. For example, Hunt’s Computer Solutions act as a vendor liaison between clients and companies such as Comcast and AT&T, removing the need for those frustrating technical support calls that take up valuable business time. With various moneyback guarantees insuring against ransomware attacks and data loss, Ryan and his team are so rightly confident of their success that clients are made to feel secure in their work. Internally, the culture at Hunt’s Computer Solutions is one of problem-solving and innovation. Not content to simply sit and play with technology, the firm makes sure that they are listening to and addressing real client needs, never assuming to know what they Hunt’s Computer Solutions, LLC might be. Helpful and friendly, the firm doesn’t use industry jargon or geek-speak, instead explains everything with confidence and clarity to ensure that the client knows exactly what is being done. Growth and constant development of technology is always happening in the world today, and so it is vitally important that IT service providers ensure they are at the cutting-edge of those developments to ensure clients get the best service possible. Reading daily, training often, and regularly attending technology events each year help Hunt’s Computer Solutions stay at the forefront of industry happenings. As cyber crime continues to rise, Ryan and his team are relentlessly pursuing new methods and technologies to combat it. Businesses today often do not have the technology support they need to fully realise their own potential, mostly down to a lack of understanding regarding cyber security risks. Hunt’s Computer Solutions bring the necessary expert help that enables businesses to continue growing without having to worry about their IT needs. Ryan’s passion has become a hugely successful business, providing exceptional technology services that completely dispel the myths that technical support staff are difficult to talk to. Focused on always being better for clients, the firm is not standing still as technology doesn’t either, helping businesses leverage technology to consistently deliver better services all round. Company: Hunt’s Computer Solutions, LLC Contact: Ryan Hunt Website: Best SME IT Managed Services Provider 2019 - Nashville