Technology Innovator Awards 2017

As part of its programme of innovative events, CIOsynergy offers CIOcamps, exclusively branded, regionally specific, intimate events that offer a unique and engaging approach to problem solving within the Office of the CIO. An event designed to connect a local group of carefully selected IT leaders in the intimate setting of an open mic panel discussion with 5 leading CIO panelists. Here the attentees discuss, debate, and challenge the IT paths of these 5 IT leaders while audience members are able to compare and contrast their situations. With the careful moderation of this panel CIOs are able to share successes, directions, but more importantly failures and lessons learned while on their paths. Having the support and direction of only one exclusive sponsor, these camps bring a level of thought leadership to the table that attending IT leaders value and appreciate as they look to this event to bring out solutions 2-steps ahead of the problems they will encounter. Attending CIOs and IT leaders strengthen their local network of peers, and this is important in the turbulence of today’s digital world – the reason this is a must attend for todays IT leader. Additionally, the firm offers secureCIO, a unique event which came about from pure demand. What started as a secureCIO panel discussion at CIOsynergy events grew into a standalone event based on the demand for attendance and content. A simple question unites IT leaders no matter what size of organization they represent and that question is ‘What keeps you up at night?’. The fear of intrusion was the only answer and this is a real fear that is never taken lightly. As such, secureCIO events bring a panel of leading CISO’s to stage under the spotlight of our professional moderators who walk them through the struggles of securing global organizations against the clear and present dangers of cyber terrorism and digital theft. There are of intrusion and learn of the tactical measures these leaders have taken to lock-down their infrastructures and data. The dedicated SECUREtech panel at secureCIO events bring forth a panel of 5 visionary technology leaders that are on the forefront of digital defense solutions, an opportunity to hear the war stories they have fought on behalf of client intrusions and a chance to gain some insight into their predictions for tomorrow’s tactical targets; whether cloud, end-point, or phishing. For those seeking a more relaxed setting, CIOdinners engage local CIOs into intimate collaboration. Enterprise leaders value CIO dinners as a platform to collaborate as they lack the static and time commitment of an event or conference, and 73% of surveyed enterprise CIOs had attended a CIO dinner within the past 12 months. The latest addition to the CIOsynergy portfolio is CIOsports. The success to CIOsports Events lies in our ability to connect like minded leaders; those that share similar goals, tasks and hurdles while on their path to Innovating the Enterprise. Some share industries, responsibilities, or organizational structures. They come with picture mapped; these innovative just connect the dots. The events comprise of an evening where guests have the chance to educate, engage,