Technology Innovator Awards 2017

30 Corporate Vision / Technology Innovator Awards 2017 , London Security Solutions, LLC is committed to helping clients adopt a security risk management approach to address security and compliance concerns using integrated solutions that work together for maximum efficacy. John Carroll talks us through the firmand the range of services it offers in this vital market. Best Cyber Security Solutions Firm – California & Excellence Award for Security Endpoint Protection Training - West USA Over the last decade the threat landscape has evolved beyond the capabilities of traditional signature-based virus detection to sophisticated self-propagating worms and polymorphic malware that are undetectable by traditional antivirus software. The realities of the current threatscape requires new thinking and new approaches. The industry is rapidly moving toward Artificial Intelligence (AI) based threat prevention which works pre-execution and is based on predicted behavior instead of static code. As such, London Security Solutions, a thought leader in the security services industry, is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that are always at the cutting edge of threat prevention, as John explains “Ten years ago, 50 new pieces of malware were released each day. Today, it is over 500,000 a day. Clients need comprehensive solutions that protect their data and infrastructure from multiple threat vectors. As more data traverses the Internet between global locations on-premises, in the cloud, and on mobile devices, securing the enterprise—no matter the location—is our top priority. London Security Solutions’ multi-layered approach allows customers the mobility they need without sacrificing the security they require. We can do this because our engineers are security specialists.” “Specializing in security applications, administration, and architecture gives our customers the benefit of instant expertise. Some firms use their engineers to provide a variety of services including desktop management, network administration, and overall IT support. We, however, do not; we only do security. Leveraging London Security Solutions’ team of specialists allows our customers to focus their internal IT resources on other tasks and functions critical to running their businesses. We work with our client’s teams to ensure their security is up to date and configured properly. For example, none of our Managed Services customers were hit with the recent WannaCry or Petya ransomware outbreaks. Our multi-layered proactive approach prevents problems before they start.” Looking to the future, John foresees even greater threats, but is confident that London Security Solutions and its team of specialist engineers will be able to overcome this and provide clients with the services they need. “Although threats will only get more sophisticated and potentially more devastating as we move forward, engaging London Security Solutions allows customers to rest easy knowing they have a proven and trusted IT security partner.” London Security Solutions’ innovative approach towards Managed Security Services has made them a leader in the MSSP marketspace. Contact Email: jcarroll@ Address: Fountain Valley, California, 92708, USA Phone: 001512 219 3604 Web Address: