Technology Innovator Awards 2017

, Thintech is a leading innovator in the UK specialising in desktop and server virtualisation consultancy. We invited Brett Loveday to talk us through the firmand the solutions it offers. Best Desktop Virtualisation Consultancy 2017 - UK Thintech are specialists in end- user computing, working with large organisations in the public and charity; finance; professional commercial such as law, accountancy, architectural etc.; housing; education and healthcare sectors. Brett discusses the services that the firm provides to these varied clients and how it works to ensure that they receive the very highest standards of support and service. “At Thintech, we help our clients to deliver business critical applications and desktops to endpoints such as PC’s, Laptops and Macs and Smart devices such as Smartphones and Pads. We are a consultancy lead company who work with clients to identify, design and implement the best solutions to overcome their needs and act as trusted advisors on their behalf to help to prevent vender bloat. Traditionally we have been recognised as subject matter experts in all things Citrix. “This is partially because our historical mission statement is “Fixing Citrix one desktop at a time”. As our clients look to transition to cloud based services we have adapted as a business from being a Citrix specialised consultancy to transformation specialists helping them to make sense of the challenges of adopting cloud services such as Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Citrix Cloud Services and helping to design and deliver as solution embracing such services that can be delivered to the End- User without compromising performance, security and compliance whilst helping them to realise the value of their existing on premise assets as part of the solutions mix. To this end we have become Microsoft Cloud Services Partner, are on G-Cloud and our ambition is to be a Citrix Platinum Partner by the end of the year.” What sets Thintech apart, according to Brett, is the firm’s commitment to reducing their costs whilst raising their deliverability. “Unlike many in IT resellers, we look to drive down cost of ownership for our clients without compromising on end user performance or experience and in doing so often finding ourselves at odds with venders who are purely focused on selling product and maximising sales revenues often leveraging unnecessary add-ons. “Additionally, we seek to provide clients with the very best possible level of service, and to achieve this staff training is critical as is adherence to best practice, principles and processes that are defined throughout the business. Each time a client engages with the Thintech through whichever touchpoint they choose, they will always receive the same high level of service. We have invested in some of the most advanced support and service delivery tools available in the industry.” With regards to the future, Brett is keen to emphasise his firm’s focus on growth whilst expressing its dedication to continuing to offer clients the very highest standards of service. “Looking ahead, Thintech are entering into a period of planned and sustained growth that will see us quadruple in size over the next 3 years. We will continue to develop more IP designed to add value to our core service offerings, whilst still keeping a focus on our core values. “Within the market, progression to the cloud is unstoppable as more and more organisations look to do away with complex and costly in-house data centre technologies and as demand increases, the market grows pricing continues to drop. Thintech are building a range of consultancy led services and manged support offerings to aid in the transition and management of such undertakings. There Company: Thintech Limited Contact: Brett Loveday Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Innovation Centre Medway, Maidstone Road, Chatham, Kent, ME5 9FDm UK Phone: 01634 551 050 Website: is a misconception at this time that in switching to the cloud takes away the need to manage your infrastructure. Far from it, Thintech will be working alongside our clients ensure that their cloud infrastructures will run as smoothly and effectively as they did when on premise.”