Technology Innovator Awards 2017

48 Corporate Vision / Technology Innovator Awards 2017 , Biogas Technology Ltd supports a range of clients in the landfill gas industry to ensure the safe disposal of various natural gas products. General Manager AndrewMasi talks us through the firmand how it works to ensure excellence for its clients at all times. Best Renewable Energy Infrastructure Support Company - Europe Established in 1988, Biogas brings together the resources and expertise to lift the burden of risk, liability and finance faced by landfill site operators, and to help its clients capitalise on commercial opportunities. Originally founded out of the requirement to destroy unwanted (and highly explosive) methane gas found within landfill sites, at the time the firm mainly focused on the flaring technology and pipe work infrastructure required to remove the gases to make the sites safe. Andrew explains how the firm has developed since inception and adapted its service offering to meet the constantly changing needs of its clients. “Over the past 30 years Biogas has been involved in the ever evolving landfill gas industry from the NFFO (Non-Fossil Fuel Obligation) pumping trials of the early to mid-1990’s to the Kyoto CDM (Clean development mechanism) from the mid 2000’s to present day, where Biogas have actively reduced Ch4 emissions on several active landfill sites within several counties including Mexico, Brazil, Peru and China. We also recently teamed up with both The EA and DECC along with several other partners to work on the ACUMEN project (Assessing, Capturing and Utilising Methane from Expired and Non-operational landfills) which accessed new and existing technologies to help reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere from expired and non-operational landfills. “To ensure that we continued to offer clients the solutions they needs, Biogas designed and developed a new prototype Low Flow, Low calorific high temperature ground flare. Since inception the firm has continued to provide and complete aftercare packages for our customers over this period and have had several contracts with councils and private companies that have been in place for over twenty years which shows our overall commitment to our clients which entrusted them to enable Biogas to manage their sites and equipment. We also provide the same services into the anaerobic digestion industry and the coal mine / coal bed methane and the onshore oil and gas sectors. “Currently, Biogas provides full turnkey engineering packages to one off service visits and we offer the same quality of work on all our projects. We then deal with all projects in the same way as outlined within our standard procedures that allows for our continued high level of service. We also make sure that we have constant communication with the client throughout the project to make sure every aspect of the works is completed too the client’s full satisfaction. The main reason for Biogas’s success is our core knowledge and experience of the industry and what is required to keep ahead of the regulations and requirements set out by the governing agencies, to provide the technology for the customers to make sure their site and equipment are run and maintained in the most cost effective way and technologies are updated if and when required.” Setting the firm apart from its competitors is its dedication to constant innovation and development, as well as its vast experience in the industry, as Andrew is eager to highlight. “As the longest standing landfill gas specialist company in the UK market place (established in the middle 1980’s), Biogas has the experience and in depth knowledge of clients sites which simply cannot be provided by others who do not have the longevity of our firm. This combined with a proven long standing track record of quality service which is uniquely provided in the spirit of long term relationships, rather than short term wins, as is reflected by some contracts that have been in place continually for more than 20 years, is what sets us distinctly apart from others in this space. “In addition to this is our constant need to adapt in order to serve our clients’ needs. We are constantly improving the emissions output and energy