Technology Innovator Awards 2017

54 Corporate Vision / Technology Innovator Awards 2017 , Acronym’s innovative, patented technology and Intent-Based Digital Marketingmethodology helps it’s Fortune 1000 Clients get the most out of Search. We profiled the firm to explore the secrets behind its success and their mantra, “Win in Search. Win in Digital.” Most Innovative Search Agency of the Year 2017 - North East USA Established in 1995, Acronym was tackling search before Google even existed. Headquartered in the iconic Empire State Building with offices in London and Singapore, Acronym is a global leader and the largest independent Search and Discovery marketing agency. At the core of their business, they help enterprise brands and agencies understand customer intent, which powers every aspect of digital, search engine marketing (PPC, SEO), analytics/ UX, and keyword data integration across channels and devices. Acronym was recently granted the “impossible to get” US Patent for its award-winning Keyword Objects® technology built for in- house search marketing teams. 22 years ago, Acronym made a bet on search -- well, it is still a safe bet now. With $40b forecast to be spent this year, search remains the largest part of the integrated digital media mix. Over the last 15 years, every one of their competitors has abandoned its core focus on search, but not Acronym. They are proud to have made the choice to be a specialist firm, with a catchy mantra “Win in Search. Win in Digital.” They describe their mantra, starting with Search - a small word for such a huge component of the digital marketing mix. Mike Grehan, Acronym’s CMO, explains, that “Search is so easily described in one syllable. Yet the underlying complexities of managing large scale search programs endlessly multiply as machine learning technology evolves into the realms of artificial intelligence. And, as the information demands for greater depth of knowledge from the increasingly sophisticated modern consumer multiply too, the challenge for brands to be there in the moment only becomes greater.” “When you win search, you win digital. That’s because there’s no other place where your customers naturally tell you exactly what they’re looking for”, explains company CEO Selina Eizik. “Analyzing online intent gets you inside the minds of your customers. When you know how to mine data the right way, you truly begin to understand their behavior.” Acronym believes that search holds the keys to open new possibilities for your business – and that’s why they’ve built an innovative business model to be a singular end to end partner for everything search. They crafted their services to support brands looking for a full-service provider or to train their in-house team. As search evolves and their clients’ needs change, they scale and adapt their practice to keep clients ahead with unique consulting services that can even support existing in house search teams. “You’re never alone when you have a partner who is deeply immersed in your business, and more importantly, in search” says Acronym’s President and COO, Michael Bruh. Technology has always been at the heart of Acronym’s offerings. Enabling automation and data enlightenment, Keyword Objects is their proprietary technology platform. It’s mission is simple – Help search marketers make faster, smarter decisions by collecting the right data to gain the most meaningful insights, and get easy reporting for all levels and business units across the organization. It’s newest innovation, dubbed, Keyword GO, addresses the critical challenge of ensuring that the digital content is consistently relevant and useful. Keyword GO is a technology application that helps Enterprise businesses streamline the creation and optimization of digital content. The SaaS based solution was developed by Acronym to address the specific challenges that Global Enterprise businesses face when having to manage and optimize the content and performance of hundreds of thousands of webpages in multiple languages, on a daily basis. Keyword GO is the first-of its-kind solution for content optimization, identifying content Gaps and Opportunities (hence the name, GO) in real time. The tool collects data from multiple sources across the web to determine the relationships that exist naturally between people searching online and the topics for which they are searching. Keyword GO then identifies the most effective keywords and content for businesses to capture more traffic. John Peter Spear, Acronym’s EVP of Product Development, claims, “To date, Keyword GO has streamlined content creation and optimization for more than 1.43 million keywords in 31 languages for 80+ markets around the world.” Of course, while the firm understands the importance of technological aids in running and maintaining large, enterprise-level search