Technology Innovator Awards 2017

, “We’re seeing stronger interest in our data masking technologies coming from US-based healthcare entities subject to HIPAA, and broad-based demand for the same in Europe ahead of 2018’s GDPR deadline. We are also seeing growth in big data projects in India and Asia, and some cool analytic technologies in the UK and Central Europe we are wanting to integrate with.” In order to stay ahead of always- emerging technology and industry changes, David states that the company must continue to be innovative and ensure it delivers the best possible technology and services to support it. “The key here is for IRI to stay true to its namesake, Innovative Routines International. If you break down what those words mean, our software has to be: 1) leading- edge, whether we create, adapt, or integrate with other technology; 2) reusable across our back-end products and their shared IRI Workbench front-end; and, 3) be sold and supported worldwide to reach (and learn from) our broad base of customers and partners.” Contact: David Friedland Contact Email: [email protected] Company: IRI, The CoSort Company Address: 194 Highway A1A, 3rd Floor, Melbourne, Florida 32937 USA Tel: +1 321 777 8889 Website: Innovative Routines International (IRI), Inc. is a renowned big data speed and security software company headquartered on Florida’s Space Coast. We invited COODavid Friedland to tell us more about the firm’s overall success. Most Price-Performant Big Data Management Platform: IRI Voracity & Most Versatile GDPR Security Stack: IRI Data Protector Suite IRI is a US data management and protection ISV founded in 1978, and represented in 40 cities worldwide. Its software products are licensed – and its support teams or service partners are hired – to address data-centric challenges across all industries where data are big or sensitive; e.g., BFSI, e-commerce, energy, government, media, manufacturing, retail, and transportation. The firm’s customers include BI/DW solution architects, chief data officers, DBAs, data scientists, programmer/analysts, and data governance officers who require one or more of the capabilities IRI’s software can offer. Below, David discusses the reasons behind the company’s success. “Since the first release of our CoSort data manipulation package in 1978, and through its subsequent evolution and international adoption, IRI has remained on the cutting-edge of data processing technology. For example, we had the first commercial sorting software – and ability to join and mask data in flat-files – off the mainframe. Today, we are the only vendor affordably combining fast (CoSort- or Hadoop- powered) data profiling, integration, migration, governance, and analytic functionality in one product, built on Eclipse. “We also owe CV’s recognition and our growth to the input and support of our customers and partners. Their technical requirements and commercial feedback have driven our product development, release decisions, and service offerings. “That ties into the third reason, which is the fact that we are riding dual IT trends: the growth and use of big data; and the need to protect sensitive or personally identifiable information amid a wave of major data breaches, and data privacy laws like the GDPR.” Outlining the firm’s mission, David describes what steps the company will take to reach its goals and continue to provide superior implementation and support services. “Fundamentally, IRI’s mission is to continue growing and satisfying its global customer base with state-of-the-art data management software, and responsive business policies. Our focus must remain on delivering superior data processing performance and scalability. Functionality and usability, agility and governance, as well as short and long-term affordability.” “More specifically, our plans call for ongoing enhancements to, and faster adoption of, our Voracity data management platform via a “freemium” version due out soon. Standing out in the fast-paced software industry is essential to the ensure the business’s continued success, as David explains. “Our products differentiate us through their relative speed, ease, versatility, and value. IRI software allows clients to set up their data- driven jobs quicker, run them faster, support them more easily, and simply do more for the money than large or speciality ISVs products can. Consider that data profiling and classification, integration (ETL) and migration, cleansing and masking, and embedded BI or data blending are all offered in our Voracity platform product. “Our users have always liked the way the foundational pieces in Voracity -- which remain standalone IRI products in their own right – deliver the point solutions they need faster and more affordably than COTS alternatives can.” He’s referring to: data transformation, reporting, and legacy sort conversion (in IRI CoSort), data/ DB migration and replication (in IRI NextForm), PII discovery and masking (in IRI FieldShield) and test data generation and management (in IRI RowGen). “Thus, when our clients see all this, plus seamless support for databases, Hadoop files and engines, cloud and streaming data all in the same place at a low opex price point, they see a unique and compelling value proposition. Giving a brief overview of the technology industry within the region, David points out that the company’s software is in use globally, whilst noting some regional trends which help to understand why users implement IRI’s software.