Technology Innovator Awards 2017

68 Corporate Vision / Technology Innovator Awards 2017 , NAJMTEK changes the way users interact with their technology as they participate in and contribute to the world. We profiled the firmand its products to find out what makes it successful. Best Online Touchscreen App Store: NAJMSTORE & Most Versatile Hardware to Software Solution: Ubook. NAJMTEK is committed to provide a technology, highly customizable, for the user and need, as specific as they may be. A single machine, Ubook is infinitely transformable with a single touch, streamlining the way people live and work. By commercializing the virtualization of technical hardware and external devices into software applications, Najmtek designs the future of mobile computing while being responsible custodians of the planet and is part of the largest technology business incubator and accelerators in Texas. With a wealth of experience, the company possesses an extensive portfolio of worldwide patents and awards and believes one of its key differentiators is the quality of its people, a team with deep domain experience, and super motivated. Najmtek improves the way children will learn at school. Ubook is the first all-in-one multi-touch, multi-language, multi accessories, fully customizable laptop, a highly versatile and interactive hardware to software solution. Najmsoft (software) is another key aspect of the full concept Ubook, which is to virtualize external devices into software applications. Ubook possesses many functions and clients are able to utilize a touchscreen keyboard which is able to display a variety of different keyboards, including Azerty, Qwerty, Cyrillic, Thai and other keyboards with specific characters. Its multitouch input screen is able to display shortkeys, enabling rapid access to any useful functionalities which clients may need every day. The product also possesses a multitouch input screen which is able to display an assortment of useful accessories, including a graphic tablet and a machine command tool. Ubook is also fully customizable, with the client having the ability to imagine, create and organize their own keyboard the way they want it to be, with personal preference regarding key placement and display functions. As well as being the first all-in-one multi-touch laptop, the product is designed to try and help children with their educational learning. Ubook is also an interactive technology which includes the first ever neurological sign alphabet with assistive apps. This is designed with people who have dyslexia to help them learn, work and communicate with others without their dyslexia impacting on them. Ubook also enables users to switch between more than 140 languages keyboards when they are writing, simply by clicking on a designated shortkey without shutting down the computer. Sending an e-mail in Russian, then another one in Japanese, and a third one in English becomes possible and easy to do with UBOOK. Additionally, clients find the specific font especially designed for dyslexia, a font for a neurological language which will help children and adults who have dyslexia to learn and work. A touch screen is integrated into the product and is slight and luminous. A basic standard keyboard also possesses shortkeys for rapid access to other functions which will appear on the screen when activated. The multitouch input screen is also able to display many useful and varied accessories, such as a phone, a tablet, a numeric pad, a calculator to name a few functions. It can also display some particular accessories required for special purposes like a piano, a mixing console, or any other accessory as exotic as it may be. With this tactile touch screen and its dedicated software, you can also order your keyboard as you want it to be. For instance, if you want to change the place of letters, the numbers or any other touch, you can do it! You can also create a list of shortkeys for your preferred applications or accessories, or change the background, colors of buttons, size of keys. Najmsoft is the software implemented into the Ubook, providing a multi-language and multifunction keyboard. Most importantly the software creates a fully customizable laptop. The online store NAJMSTORE is the first download platform especially dedicated to applications optimized for our multitouch input screen laptop Ubook. The Software Development Kit (SDK) is the third key aspect of Ubook concept, as it allows you to imagine, create and share your own applications. Within the team at Najmtek there is a wealth of experience which helps to contribute to the excellent customer service the company provides along with the