Technology Innovator Awards 2017

70 Corporate Vision / Technology Innovator Awards 2017 , that we remain at the forefront of IP video innovations. Ultimately, Exterity works hard to ensure that all staff are equipped to provide the best possible service to clients. Colin describes the internal culture of the firm, citing an open and supportive environment as being a key factor in the success of the company. “Guaranteeing our staff are prepared for any upcoming developments or challenges, we aim to maintain an open and supportive environment for our staff and ask them to always question what we are doing and look for ways to make our products and the company better. We want our staff to think about how they can make our clients’ experience of Exterity better each day; perhaps through development of a new feature on a product, or by enhancing a support process so that a client looking for advice can get access to the right person and an answer quickly, and this will remain our ongoing focus looking ahead.” Contact: Colin Farquhar Contact Email: [email protected] Address: St Davids House, St Davids Drive, Dalgety Bay KY11 9NB Phone: 01383 828 264 Website: Exterity is firmly established as the global leader in enterprise IP video technology. We invited Colin Farquhar, CEO, to find out what differentiates it fromother firms, making it so successful. Best Digital Signage Technology Company 2017 – UK Founded in 2001, Exterity was one of the first companies to offer enterprise IP video solutions. Its core product portfolio focuses on solutions that enable companies to stream video over an IP network. Over the years, it has evolved to include the delivery of video over WiFi and mobile networks to mobile devices. In 2016, the company launched ArtioSign®, its digital signage solution. Since then the firm have been deploying it for clients in a variety of industries including corporate and finance, education, hospitality, stadiums and venues. It has also had a huge impact on the company, extending the reach of its IP video products into a tightly integrated digital signage solution. Colin talks to us about the company’s global client list, ranging from concert halls to football stadiums. “Regarding our global client list, this includes the newly opened Elbphilharmonie concert hall in Hamburg, a large number of schools in the US and universities in the UK, The Open – one of the largest golf tournaments in the world, healthcare giant Sanofi and we were the IPTV provider for four out of the ten stadiums who hosted the UEFA Euro 2016. We have also recently signed up a number of new clients for our digital signage offering, including BAI Hotel Cebu in The Philippines and Ulster Rugby in Northern Ireland.” Colin summarises the firm’s overall missions and mentions which steps the firm plans to take to achieve its goal. Always striving to provide the best quality in everything the firm does, staff are constantly monitoring global trends, adapting solutions and always looking to the next big thing. “Summarised in a few words, our mission is to provide the best quality in everything we do. This boils down to a number of principles that we hold dear: Expertise and reputation, stability and reliability, quality assurance complete end-to-end systems and product excellence. Alongside this, Exterity believes in strong channel partnerships, built-in digital signage, being an approved provider with open standards and lastly, providing excellent customer service. “Exterity’s global StreamForce Partner Program ensures that our registered partners receive regular and in depth product training and updates, technical specifications, sales and marketing tools, as well as prompt, superior technical support to install and maintain customer systems.” For the firm to attract the best clients, it must distinguish itself from other competitors within the industry. Being an innovative company, Colin believes that Exterity’s solutions and staff differentiate the firm others. Solutions are always of the highest standard, with staff always looking to adapt and improve. “Innovation is in our DNA, and we believe in providing the best solutions and services for our clients, partners and staff. This has enabled us to constantly be first movers without compromising on our core business. To ensure that we consistently offer the best quality, we design, develop and manufacture our entire end-to- end IP video and digital signage solutions in the UK, so we have complete control over every step of the process. We look to achieve the highest standards of quality control and technical excellence, as well as continuous investment and product range development. We hold the prestigious ISO9001 certification for quality management systems, which reflects the company’s commitment to quality assurance across our entire operations. “As a company, we are also the only vendor in our market providing complete end-to-end solutions. Our end-to-end solutions enable our clients to capture TV and video content directly from any source and manage its delivery, in any location. This also enables us to guarantee a level of robustness and reliability that cannot be matched by other providers who have to rely on third party products to complete their solution. “Finally, our end-to-end solutions are highly reliable and fault-tolerant, ensuring a plug-and-play robustness that is second to none. Our teams work closely with our customers and channel partners to ensure we are listening to, responding to and anticipating market demands so