Technology Innovator Awards 2017

8 Corporate Vision / Technology Innovator Awards 2017 , Best Treasury Management Software Provider 2017 BELLIN is a global leader in providing innovative treasury solutions for multinational corporations. We caught up withMartin Bellin, founder and CEO of BELLIN,to find out more about the firmand its creative offering. Founded by a treasurer, BELLIN has been exceeding expectations since 1998. With the fully integrated, web-based software tm5 as the centerpiece, BELLIN offers solutions for all corporate treasury requirements: be it in-house banking, global payments, cash management; netting, risk and receivables management or trade finance, topped off by services such as Treasury as a Service (TaaS), BELLIN SWIFT Service or BELLIN Matching Service. tm5 meets all compliance and reporting requirements at the touch of a button, mobile and in real time – for more than 22,000 companies with over 50,000 users in 150+ countries and counting. Martin outlines the firm’s mission and the steps it takes to achieve this. “BELLIN’s mission is to delight multinational organizations with the most innovative treasury solutions. We aim to make a fundamental difference in the world of corporate finance. We search for the next great idea and the next great technology to lead treasuries forward. We conceive, design, build and execute solutions that become an integral part of strategic management. We achieve this by thinking ahead, by listening to our clients and by listening to industry trends. We always keep pace with the latest developments and trends so we can anticipate what customers need even before they are aware of it. Market conditions can change so quickly, so we champion a responsive culture; we stay open-minded and flexible and therefore always ahead of the curve.” As he looks towards the future, Martin is excited about the developments in the technology space and how these will affect his firm. “Moving forward, we predict that treasury departments as we know them today will be a thing of the past in a few years’ time. The trend clearly goes from departments towards networks. Sharing and pooling know-how are key! The business world is changing rapidly, and there’s a general trend towards distributing work and data. You can tap so much potential by combining everyone’s knowledge and skills. Our technology is built to reflect this network approach, and we anticipate and respond to these trends. We like to call this “social treasury:” treasury based on networks and modern communication channels. BELLIN is pioneering this approach.” Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Tullastr. 19, 77955 Ettenheim, Germany Phone: 0049 7822 4460-0 Website: A European company, with unique skills and best-in-class experts, SIVECO Romania is the only Romanian software company that currently provides IT services as a prime contractor to the European Commission organizations. There are over 20 projects successfully deployed for EU institutions, in consortium with some of the most important international IT providers. In some cases, SIVECO leads consortia that are implementing strategic projects for European Commission. Such a project is the one signed in 2016, that will ensure the European Commission’s Taxation and Customs Union Directorate- General, DG TAXUD the provision of services to be used by all EU countries. Its strong expertise in large, ground- breaking public sector projects has enabled SIVECO to successfully manage contracts with EU authorities and governments throughout Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia. One of the most successful SIVECO’s new products is, a web based content creation platform that enables teachers to develop interactive lessons in only a few minutes. was launched in Europe (London) and Asia (Dubai) almost simultaneously. This innovative product enables any teacher to quickly create engaging learning activities, interesting assessments, or learning games to answer today’s students’ needs. It incorporates SIVECO’s expertise in developing eLearning tools as well as the feedback received from successful teachers, administrators, education trainers, and technology officers all over the world. Fundamentally, proves SIVECO’s proactive approach, based on understanding the future needs of our potential users - respectively simplifying the delivery of educational content. SIVECO’s team includes the best IT specialists, trained in large scale projects of introducing IT to over 1,700 customers on 4 continents, eager to confirm the company’s position of regional leader in software integration and aiming to reach the status of European leader. Currently, SIVECO’s business on 27 national markets is managed from Bucharest HQ and 4 regional offices in Belgium, UAE, Turkey and Kazakhstan. The local teams are operationally and commercially acting and their contributions will grow more and more in the future. Best Business Software Development Company 2017 - EMEA Contact email: [email protected] Address: Victoria Park, 73-81 Bucuresti-Ploiesti Drive, C4 Building, District 1, 013685 Bucharest, Romania Phone: + 40 (21) 302 33 00 Fax: + 40 (21) 302 33 91 Web Address: For over 25 years, SIVECO Romania has been designing software that matters for millions of people from countries within the European Community, Middle East, North Africa and the CIS area. We profile the firm to find out more about its dedication to excellence and how this has led it to the success it enjoys today.