Technology Innovator Awards 2018

16 Corporate Vision / Technology Innovator Awards 2018 , Best for Cash & Liquidity Management Software 2018 BELLIN is the global leader in technology for corporate banking and treasury.We explore the secrets behind the firm’s incredible success and howBELLINworks to build upon this as it looks towards a bright future. Over the last two decades, BELLIN has grown into a well-established and sound company who maintains long-term and excellent relationships will all its users and customers. Founded by a treasurer, BELLIN has been championing innovation and out-of-the-box thinking since 1998. With the treasury software tm5 as the centrepiece, BELLIN makes a fundamental difference by offering solutions that zero in on the relationship between corporates and banks and cover everything from payments to FX, cash and risk management. BELLIN is an international company with offices and partners on four continents, powered by a trailblazing Fintech spirit and yet firmly rooted in the heritage of German craftsmanship and engineering. BELLIN delights nearly 500 clients and over 50,000 users around the globe. One of the firm’s core values is the concept of “Heimat” , a notion which pertains to home, the firm’s region. As such, the team embraces tradition and is conscious of its roots. The firm has a long-term strategy and its customers always take centre stage. On the other hand, as a FinTech company BELLIN works hard to be agile, innovative and disruptive. Being just one of both would not create the same energy. BELLIN is the perfect combination of a rock- solid German software business owned by a passionate treasurer and the spirit of a start-up company in the modern IT world. This appeals to employees and customers alike and gives the company the flexibility to face ever changing market conditions, drawing from experience and vision. Fundamentally, every company should have a treasury operation in place, should be equipped with proper tools or should make use of TaaS (Treasury as a Service), a treasury outsourcing service combining experience and technology. Now is the time to act because companies without a treasury will experience a disadvantage in the market – and this could make or break them. Looking ahead, the relationship between corporates and banks is changing fundamentally. Banks are turning more and more into vendors for certain services. From the banks’ point of view, corporates are expected to look after their treasury setup without outside help. This is where BELLIN excels, as the firm is able to fill this gap between banks and corporates with straightforward and standardized solutions that reduce complexity. It builds a bridge between corporate treasury and banks, and this offers almost unlimited opportunities. TI180021