Technology Innovator Awards 2018

20 Corporate Vision / Technology Innovator Awards 2018 , Best Medication Management Solution: DoseSystem DoseSystemApS is a simple systemthat increases adherence and ensuresmedication is taken on time.We invited Jesper K. Thomsen to talk us through this unique solution inmore detail and explore its importance for awide range of stakeholders. DoseSystem has developed a unique product, the DoseCan, which reminds citizens when to take their medicine, enabling them to manage this independently. Further, associated to the DoseCan, is a backup app that notifies the person’s loved-ones or a professional carer in case of problems, thereby giving relatives or the professional carer peace of mind. The system is primarily used in professional home care, nursing- or care home settings, and for personal use outside formal care settings in Scandinavia. Further, DoseSystem is currently working on a strategy for entering the B2C market – a plan to be introduced in 2018. Today, DoseSystem helps citizens and staff in almost half of all Danish municipalities and in five countries. Jesper explores how the firm is committed to creating an innovative solution that helps support a range of clients to ensure that they take their medication. “DoseSystem’s mission is to help give medication on time. Medicine only works if it is taken, and that is unfortunately often not the case in the real world. Compliance is a big problem worldwide, especially among the elderly, and many resources are being used to help solve the problem. As such, DoseSystem is a simple solution to a major issue. We offer a simple, flexible, mobile and multipurpose device at a low cost, which helps us to achieve our mission and support our clients.” Looking ahead, Jesper foresees even greater success for DoseSystem, as he explores in his concluding comments. “With regards to the future, we are expanding our markets for DoseSystem over the coming years, and we will continue to improve and fit out product to the markets and needs. As a part of this, we see great potential in joining forces with companies and customers worldwide, matching our ambitions and mission, to increase adherence with a broader range of products fitting new settings. This includes using and expanding the use of our backend and infrastructure for building and scaling new IOT products associated with adherence and other major issues worldwide. These are exciting times, both for DoseSystem and the technology industry as a whole, and we are looking forward to the developments that are still to come.” TI180024 Company: DoseSystem ApS Contact: Jesper K. Thomsen Address: Jernbane alle 78, 3060 Espergaerde, Denmark Phone: 0045 70707447 Website: