Technology Innovator Awards 2018

, Best Cloud-Based Cybersecurity Provider - Mid-Atlantic USA Ostendio, Inc is an innovative Arlington basedfirmthat offersMyVCM, a pioneering cybersecurity solution. Niamh Bennett talks us through this unique service inmore detail and explores how it is changing the cybersecuritymarket for the better. In today’s market, organizations are investing in new technologies such as big data, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, and as a result, cyberthreats continue to grow in maturity, volume and complexity. Ostendio understands that companies need help building and maintaining a robust information security framework in an increasingly complex ecosystem, which is why the firm created MyVCM. Founded in August of 2013 by Grant Elliott, a former healthcare COO and CISO, Ostendio launched MyVCM in 2014. Niamh explores the range of services the firm offers and the clients it supports. “At Ostendio, we are first and foremost a software company; MyVCM is an enterprise wide solution which we have spent a several years developing. We also offer professional services such as implementation support and audit preparation, and we partner with other companies to offer ancillary services such as external audits, risk assessments and penetration testing. Our overall mission is to make it easier for companies, no matter their size, to be able to easily develop an effective security and compliance program, and more specifically, give them a simpler way to demonstrate this to critical stakeholders such as their customers. “Our customers are any companies who work in a regulated industry - such as healthcare, legal, utilities or finance, or who are being required by a critical stakeholder to meet a certain standard. For example, some of our customers working in the healthcare industry use MyVCM to help them comply with HIPAA and HITECH. More recently, meeting the requirements of GDPR have become a driver for others.” This wide range of clients values Ostendio for its innovative approach to cybersecurity and dedication to involving entire organisations in their own security processes, as Niamh highlights. “What makes Ostendio unique is that we champion a bottom- up approach to security, making sure all employees are invested in the company’s security program, and know how to properly handle sensitive data. Employees are empowered by knowing how their actions affect a company’s cyber safety. We gamify the process, allowing both employees and the organization itself to benchmark themselves against their peers. Fundamentally, security is only as strong as its weakest link. By involving employees and providing them direct feedback, they become invested in process which improves the outcome for the company.” Ultimately, the future looks bright for Ostendio, as the firm seeks to build upon the success it has currently achieved and support even more clients, as Niamh excitedly concludes. “Moving forward, one exciting project we are working on in MyVCM is building an automated cross-walk which allows companies to more easily comply with over 100 privacy and security regulations worldwide, including NIST, SOC, PCI, ISO, GDPR and FedRAMP. We continue to invest in the development of MyVCM, only recently launching the third- generation version of our document management module. We do at least 4 major releases a year, as well as a handful of minor ones. “Alongside this, we are also exploring how we can leverage blockchain track and manage security and compliance through the supply chain. We believe that digital ledgers and smart contracts are the future of security and compliance and so we are already exploring how we can adopt this emerging technology. These developments offer us many opportunities to grow and flourish, and we look forward to taking advantage of these as we grow Ostendio and expand our portfolio of valued clients.” TI180025 Company: Ostendio, Inc. Address: 1911 N Fort Myer Drive, Suite 100, Arlington, VA, 22209, USA Phone: 001 877 668 5658 Web Address: