Technology Innovator Awards 2018

and Financial Institutions to deliver innovative, targeted and localized mobile financial services. These services are spread across a wide range of user access points, mobile devices, PoS terminals and telco channels. This expanse helps open up new revenue streams, establish customer trust and reduce churn. MobiFin flaunts advanced capabilities around wallet management, fees and commission management, agent network management, rules management and fast and easy integration with ecosystem stakeholders. One of the most innovative features of MobiFin is that it offers multiple linked payment instruments for linked bank accounts, money cash card and agent network. It also supports integration of loyalty and rewards for end users as well as channel partners with a common rewards bucket for multiple services. Additionally, MobiFin has an immensely scalable architecture meant for both small and large enterprises. Whether the client is an established business with a huge clientele or a new company that is just starting out, MobiFin has a feature rich and easy to use interface for all – distributors, sales agents, corporate partners and subscribers. It also offers multi-lingual support, which is particularly vital in today’s globalised corporate market. Technology is moving beyond the usual 24x7 access and therefore the financial institutions must expand to more innovative domains of money & goods remittances, micro loans, micro savings, micro insurance, share trading and ecommerce. Payment channels like mobile handsets (via SMS, USSD, NFC, QR Codes, WAP & App), ATMs, PoS, internet, debit/credit card companies and money transfer agencies are widely accepted and easily available for payments. At the same time money transfers across inter/ intra banks/cities/currencies/ countries/continents/telcos is at an all-time high. This has created a demand to break from the norm and innovate. Today, thanks to the development of this innovative solution and many others, Panamax is positioned as a leading telecom and mobile financial technology company with a futuristic and empirically designed roadmap. Panamax’s state-of-the-art solutions keep the firm way ahead of its competitors and cater to the mobile finance, business interconnect and other telecom technology needs of hundreds of customers across the globe. To support the clients and meet their varied needs, Panamax offers a pervasive experience in developing telecom technology and mobile financial solutions platform leveraging mobile interface. The firm’s products are robust, modular and scalable to accustom to the industry trends. The firm offers host-based services and virtual management through SDN (Software Defined Networks) and NFV (Network Function Virtualization), whilst at the same time staying ahead of the market. The rapid changes in the domain are challenging but the team at Panamax believes in creating agile business models and developing products with an open architecture. As a result of this innovative approach, the firm is able to help its clients to boost their margins and also generate new and sustainable revenue streams. Panamax is constantly striving to further strengthen MobiFin by inculcating artificial intelligence and machine learning into this secured and compliant platform that will help our customers enter new emerging markets. The road ahead is multi- dimensional with the firm’s focus on a holistic expansion of MobiFin hereon. This multi-focal approach targets developing varied use cases, establishing easier KYC methods, advanced authentication technology, multiplying payment channels, in-depth analytics and future- ready voice assistant services leading customers towards all- inclusive digital empowerment. Contact: Manoj Jain Address: 80 – 02 Kew Gardens Road, Suite 1040, Kew Gardens, New York, 11415, USA Phone: 001 718 713 8417 Website: Best Mobile Financial Solution 2018: MobiFin g