Technology Innovator Awards 2018

4 Corporate Vision / Technology Innovator Awards 2018 , A closer look at AI in marketing by Olga Egorsheva, CEO and Co-founder of Lobster Are you ready for the AI take over? Depending on what you read, the robots are either on their way to take our jobs, or they’re already here. Delivery drivers, telemarketers, the Taxman - no one is safe. Apart from content and creativity professionals, right? Wrong. Automating marketing is very much alive and finding its way into the professional world quicker than someone slides into your DMs. AI-generated content has become more than a buzzword over the last 18 months. So are all marketers and creatives about to join the unemployment line? You might believe such a theory if you buy into the hype of AI’s all-being power. The reality, however, is something different altogether. What is AI generated content? The influence of AI in marketing generally involves data automation and understanding analytics. The tech uses algorithms to predict trends that make it easier for humans to make creative decisions. As the tech improves, there is a belief that one day it will be able to automate the whole process. That means an ability to use data to make informed decisions, create ideas, execute those ideas and measure results - all without humans. Say goodbye to social media managers. Sayonara content writers. Pack your bags marketing directors. Even Elon Musk’s believes that AI will be able “to do anything a human can” by 2040 at the latest. We could all essentially be rendered useless. But have we all jumped the gun slightly? The AI techniques in marketing lend their hand to a smoother overall process. Yet we’re not quite at the junction of 1 A closer look at AI in marketing