Technology Innovator Awards 2018

40 Corporate Vision / Technology Innovator Awards 2018 , Most Innovative Performance Analysis Device 2018: SPT GPS 2 Sports Performance Tracking (SPT) manufactures and distributes GPS Tracking hardware and analytics software for aspiring and semi-professional sporting teams so that they canmanage and optimise player performance. We caught up withWilliamStrange to find out more. Drawing on its experience in the performance analytics market, SPT focuses on supporting aspiring and semi-professional sporting teams that want to improve but may not have the resources, expertise or budgets to utilise the high end offerings that elite sporting clubs use. This links to the firm’s mission, which William is keen to highlight. “Here at SPT, our mission is to pioneer the simplest sports tech products and be the community choice for our passionate customers. We like to think that a sports club should not need a team of sports science or strength and conditioning staff to improve and we set out to help them by providing our simple, powerful and affordable solutions. Thanks to this focus, we have strong links to grass roots sports, so we like to think we can help aspiring athletes and clubs to be their best. We make our offerings simple to use, affordable and powerful enough to generate the insights they need to improve the performance of their players. “The simplicity of our solution is what sets us apart from our competitors and marks SPT out as the best option for our clients. Rather than providing thousands of different measures and hundreds of different features, we have simplified our product and data into a solution that is powerful yet simple enough for an everyday person to understand. We understand who our target customers are and we deliver solutions that meet their needs and their levels of sophistication.” Looking to the future, William is excited for SPT’s plans as the firm seeks to move into new markets to expand its client base and support even more grassroots teams. “Going forward, the big focus for us at SPT is establishing a larger international footprint. We have been hugely successful in Australia and we want to continue with this. We already have a large number of international customers across 100 different countries, however we are looking to accelerate this growth internationally and have a larger impact throughout the US and Europe. In order to achieve this, we will be setting up offices in the USA and employing local staff to actively target and service our global customer base.” TI180010 Company: Sports Performance Tracking Contact: William Strange Address: Level 1, 168 Hoddle Street Abbotsford Victoria 3067 Phone: (03) 9415 7400