Technology Innovator Awards 2020

Technology Innovator Awards 2020 Jun20148 Best Mechanical Predictive Maintenance Solutions Provider 2020 There can be no denying the influence that artificial intelligence has had on the world thus far, and the developments in that area show no signs of slowing down. Rather, more companies and individuals are putting money into the technological innovations of artificial intelligence to stay ahead of the game. Diagsense is a boutique AI firm that specialises in using artificial intelligence in ways that can benefit a wide range of applications. We take a closer look at this highly innovative firm to learn more about it. Diagsense is an elite company that delivers predictive maintenance algorithms and software powered by artificial intelligence, that benefits a huge range of applications across various industries. The predictive software can be deployed on a cloud, on-premise, on a dedicated computer, or be embedded inside the client products as an edge solution. Those who undoubtedly benefit most from what Diagsense has to offer are those who maintain critical assets, or customers who simply cannot tolerate working with a commercial solution that does not do a good enough job. Rather, they are seeking accurate solutions that fit their needs without any false alarms or missed critical aspects. Many of the clients that Diagsense works with are integrators and SCADA companies who are looking to answer their client’s requirements by providing them with models, and algorithms that can be integrated inside control systems. There are five core services which Diagsense offers to clients. Firstly, there is a diagnosis of any given situation, where the firm finds the root cause of existing problems with machinery. Once established, clients can benefit from any of the following four services; predictive maintenance for mechanical systems or equipment, optimization of electromechanical equipment or systems, predicting the behaviour of the machines and consumers, and maintaining a stable systems. Each has its own benefits, but all are equally valuable in helping to ensure that machinery is kept operating at its peak and clients do not have to worry about such things as an accelerated wear rate or unexpected downtime. Artificial intelligence and predictive maintenance solutions require a keen understanding of the many variables that might affect maintenance. This is done by machine learning the correlation between all the variables in the set, which is selected based on what could affect maintenance, such as temperature, conductivity, flow, pressure, consumption levels, and anything that can be understood using measurable data. Using these measures and incredibly outstanding innovation on a deeply technical level, false-positive alarms and misdetection rates can be brought as close to zero as they can possibly get. Another advantageous aspect of having this solution courtesy of Diagsense is a high sensitivity, especially given that the firm is using data fusion from multiple resources. The customer only ever gets the best from Diagsense. Currently, one of the most common problems in predictive maintenance is the wealth of false-positive alerts. That is where Diagsense has specialized its offering, by being able to develop tailor-made predictive maintenance solutions that are far more accurate than other commercial offerings that claim to do similar things. Believing that the customer should be provided with a unique solution that works best for them, Diagsense is wholly focused on maintaining the continuity of the machine’s life expectancy, whilst drastically reducing the number of failures and increasing reliability. Upon approaching any new project, this focus takes the form of a number of questions that Diagsense seeks to understand, particularly regarding the client’s mechanical systems. For example, how do they work, and what influences the machine’s throughput? What sensors are attached to the machine, and where are they placed? Are there external data sources from which knowledge can be gleaned? Understanding all of this makes the final solution that much more effective. Today, manufacturers and more aware of the need to implement continuous improvement in all aspects. The market is demanding, and so the requirement for innovation is constantly rising. Factories that will not adopt this technology will eventually stay out of the game, and unexpected downtime will gradually become less and less acceptable with machinery that can be run by artificial intelligence. There is an understanding that common commercial solutions are not enough, and the trend is to migrate into a customer and accurate solution, such as the one Diagsense provides. Company: DiagSense LTD Contact: Tidhar Tsuri Telephone: 972-77-6048488 Cell: 972-50-3894491 Contact Email: [email protected] Website: