Technology Innovator Awards 2020

May20113 Most Innovative B2B Banking Solutions 2020 Banking Circle represents more than just technological innovation within the FinTech sector; it is a fully licensed bank, and next-gen provider of mission-critical financial services infrastructure leading the rise of a super-correspondent banking network. The bank is aiming to improve financial inclusion for businesses often unable to access cross border banking, or affordable and flexible business lending. We find out more about Banking Circle, and the success it has enjoyed on the way to making B2B banking solutions more innovative than ever before. At the heart of the Banking Circle ethos is making financial inclusion possible for each and every business, regardless of its size. The market needs of banking customers are always changing, and banks need to stay relevant in order to keep up with the demands of its customers. Today, Banking Circle is arming financial institutions with the tools necessary to meet the changing market needs of their customers, by giving them access to affordable, flexible, real-time payment, banking, and lending solutions, both locally and cross border. Now, thanks to its innovation and brilliance, as a provider of financial infrastructure, Banking Circle gives Banks and Payments businesses access to a range of banking services – multi-currency bank accounts, local clearing, cross border payments and flexible business lending – compliantly and securely, without the need to build their own infrastructure and correspondent banking partner network. These bespoke, flexible, scalable, and future- proofed solutions enable financial services businesses to do what they do best. At a time when financial services are evolving more than ever before, these latest developments from Banking Circle are exactly what the industry needs to keep delivering the best services to customers all over the globe. The end client can successfully and efficiently take control of their finances, and seize market opportunities like never before. Banking Circle truly believes that this will empower global trade for the even the smallest of businesses. Each and every solution designed by the firm is built from the ground up, with market needs right at the very heart of them. Banking Circle was launched in order to meet a need and fill a gap in the market. Ever since that launch, the institution has continued to review the market and carry out detailed research amongst the myriad of other financial institutions and SMEs to identify failings and gaps, and then design solutions that will helps banks provide their customers with better solutions. As other competitors try to tailor their existing products to suit the modern needs of today’s bankers, Banking Circle instead meets the needs of its clients with a custom-built and bespoke solution that work for them specifically. In dealing with banks and financial technology firms alike, Banking Circle’s strategy has always been to remove as much of the complexity as is possible. That means having a deliberate strategy to handle the onus of integration complexity, so that customers do not have to do it themselves. Essentially, the Banking Circle solutions that the firm offers are the same for banks and FinTech’s alike: routing payments and linked services. However, each integration differs from one type of player to another. FinTech’s have modern architectures like Banking Circle’s and API integrations are the standard. Banks often have legacy infrastructure that is not easy to change. In these instances, it is imperative that Banking Circle supports the technologies that banks already use for exchange of information and funds, such as SWIFT-based technologies or geography-specific technologies. Banking Circle works tirelessly to be innovative in its service of many different FinTech and traditional banking clients. As finances and technology become ever more intertwined through innovation after innovation, having the support of a firm such as Banking Circle is more important than ever in garnering solutions for all types of financial institutions. Company: Banking Circle Contact: [email protected] Website: Technology Innovator Awards 2020 At a time when financial services are evolving more than ever before, these latest developments from Banking Circle are exactly what the industry needs to keep delivering the best services to customers all over the globe.