Technology Innovator Awards 2020

Jun20161 Best Digital Marketing Agency 2020 – Ukraine & Award for Innovation in Web Design 2020 Businesses have to work hard to stay at the top of their game nowadays, especially as there is a move towards the ever-evolving realm of digital media. It’s companies like Krock Digital Solutions, who offer small and medium-sized businesses a way forward that refreshes brands in their entirety. Recognized twice in this year’s Technology Innovator Awards, we look more closely at how the team have been able to achieve such a high standard of success. Great businesses cannot thrive on quality alone. They need to be able to sell themselves in the modern marketplace. For the talented team at Krock Digital Solutions, this is their speciality. Specializing in UX/UI design, Full stack web development, Android & IOS development, Logo Design & Branding, and Digital marketing, this group of passionate practitioners have helped bring many interesting projects to a successful end. The team at Krock Digital Solutions are committed to helping clients get noticed more in a crowded landscape. Many do not understand the potential that a digital solution can offer, so the team work tirelessly to help clients generate more traffic, understand their market analytics better and grow. Often a new lease of life for a company can be found in an image refresh and an e-commerce platformbetter tailored to themodernmarketplace. Krock Digital Solutions is one of many agencies offering services to businesses, so the team know full well what challenges await those trying to break in. What makes the firm stand apart from the crowd is a determination to ensure a client’s business will grow for the foreseeable future. While the skillset of the team is such that they can design many attractive elements that appeal, they much prefer taking the time to create an experience for users that generates a strong ROI at a reasonable price. This extends beyond completion, with the launch of any online product met with great support. As technology continues to evolve, so too does the need to stay ahead of the curve. Clients rely on the Krock Digital Solutions team to build solutions that are futureproof. This is why the team have committed to using tech solutions that are not only great for today but will position clients to easily evolve to tomorrow’s trends. As Krock Digital Solutions are heavily involved in advising clients on their digital strategies, it is very important that the team dedicates time to reading blogs, staying on top of social media and attending events that showcase and discuss the next waves of tech innovation. The knowledge that this talented team possesses is what gives them an edge over the competition, allowing the team to continue experimenting, and discover new ways of working that others might not have seen. For those who are less sure of what potential a website can bring, Krock Digital Solutions has published a book called “Must-haves for a Successful Website” where practical examples of what benefits a website can bring are showcased. For all of the team’s commitment to innovation, they also know that many must be brought along for the ride from the very beginning. Looking forward, it seems like Krock Digital Solutions has made a name for itself in success. With so much behind them, plans for sustainable and strategic development are already underway. The team have many exciting projects underway, some allowing CEO and founder Volodymyr Kasilov to indulge in a passion for sports. An accomplished world-ranking sportsman, it’s clear that Krock Digital Solutions will be able to tailor its capabilities to what the industry requires. As the digital revolution continues apace, it’s clear that businesses must continue to adapt to meet new and challenging circumstances. Fortunately for many, Krock Digital Solutions are on hand to provide vital assistance that can transform a business and make it sustainable for years to come. Company: Krock Digital Solutions Contact: Volodymyr Kasilov Web Address: Technology Innovator Awards 2020