Technology Innovator Awards 2020

Technology has an immense power to enhance the lives of people every single day, be it in massive ways that everybody notices, or in subtle ways that most people do not even notice. What Good Life Co. has done is not change the way that anything is done, but has drastically improved the safety of people carrying out everyday tasks. This Korean firm has seized the moment of innovation, and delivered a product that can save lives all over the world. Company: Good Life Co. Ltd Contact: Jong Ho Lee Website: Jun20023 Best Safe Electrical Appliance Manufacturers - Korea Innovation can take many forms, but technological innovation has been the subject of many different institutions and companies around the world for the last several years. Located in the Korean Electrotechnology Research Institute is Good Life Co., a company which has developed the world’s only product that is able to solve the biggest issue of existing power outlets by removing the root cause of accidents. To find out more about this highly innovative and safe new technology, we profiled the firm. Existing power outlets have a constant supply of electricity, even before plugs are inserted, which can cause various types of accidents around the home or workplace. What Good Life Co.’s product does, is automatically stop the flow of electricity before plugs are plugged in, thereby solving the source of accidents from direct content. In addition, should water somehow enter the outlet, the product is able to pass the water through drains which are separated by polarity, again solving the source of accidents involving short-circuiting and electrocution, and making an environment safer andmore convenient. Perfect for any place where electricity is in use, and for anyone who uses electricity, Good Life Co. has designed its product primarily for manufacturers and distributors of electrical outlets and appliances, as well as major supermarket chains. There are numerous types of safety outlets, but most of them are only capable of preventing one of the five types of electrical accidents, causing countless people to lose their lives or be forever changed by electrocution, short- circuiting, electrical fires, or other incidents. Most countries use the same electrical outlets that were made when electricity first began to be provided for the masses, which means that product development can be altered to cater for much of the world. The product from Good Life Co. is patented technology, unique and original in its ability to prevent the five types of accidents that come with using power outlets. It is a difficult task to sell any product to the whole world, which is why Good Life Co. has focused on upgrading tis technology and then selling the products by co-operating with electrical appliance manufacturers around the world that already possess sales networks and manufacturing facilities. Making them partners instead of competitors, and providing them with the know-how makes for a win-win situation, and everybody can benefit from a life that is safe from electrical accidents. Industry developments are paving the way for Good Life Co. to innovate further than before. Whilst there may not be any special changes or developments in electrical outlets, there is a rising demand for various electrical products that can directly charge via USB connections. Looking to the future, Good Life Co. has plans for how it can develop and diversify its range of products to further protect people from the dangers of existing electrical power outlets. In the short run, the firm is preparing to diversify its products by adding additional functions to its current products. Drawing on the knowledge that there is a global rise of wall-mounted power outlets and USB-charged devices, which make up the biggest demand in electrical outlets, Good Life Co. is planning to release various products that have those functions, as well as products that can be controlled via smart phone apps. In the long run however, the firm continues to innovate, develop, and prepare for the release of various electrical appliance that have more innovation functions than the power outlets being released today. Technology Innovator Awards 2020