Technology Innovator Awards 2020

Jul20022 Best Automated Powder Removal Solutions Provider 2020 The process of three-dimensional printing in metal is faster, more accurate, and more reliable than ever before, with additive manufacturing (AM) today now an established industrial manufacturing method. As AM parts get more complex and more in demand, there are also greater challenges in the tasks associated with getting those parts cleaned, processed, and finished. Solukon is a manufacturer that specializes in fully automated de-powdering systems for AM parts. We take a closer look to discover the innovation behind these vital systems. When taking AM production seriously, there is only one choice for firms when it comes to mandatory equipment supplication: Solukon. Its technology helps to save labour time, whilst ensuring that the most stringent demands of health and safety are met, and the quality process is significantly increased. At the same time, this innovative technology reclaims the residual powder without contamination, and makes it available for further processing and reuse. Solukon’s aim is to give the industry smart and highly automated tools to close the gap between manufacturing and post-processing. Understanding the risks and increasing demands of three-dimensional printing, Solukon wants to provide smart and high-quality solutions for part processing, offering almost two decades of experience in the engineering of AM systems. Based in Augsburg, Solukon thinks on a global scale in order to provide local solutions. Each and every machine built by the firm is manufactured entirely in Germany, which is a large bonus given Augsburg’s ideal location in the technological hub of southern Germany. Not only does this location allow for access to a large selection of reliable and competent suppliers, but also short distances and efficient sourcing methods. The combination of traditional manufacturing with modern technology skills and networking has proved sustainable throughout the difficult period of lockdown that has been forced by COVID-19. Solukon has been fortunate enough to continue supplying its systems to relevant technology leaders from its beginning, giving the firm the unique opportunity to learn a lot about the requirements of large companies, but also about the needs of expertise and challenging operators. Now, customers can be found all over the world, and in industries such as aerospace, medicine, energy, oil and gas, and automotive, as well as the leading OEMs of 3D printers using Solukon’s systems. What makes these systems unique is not only their innovation, but the reliability and sturdiness they offer. The most advanced technology on the market is in these systems, and it open up a certifiable, repeatable cleaning result, which clients need to move towards production in AM. Throughout its history, Solukon has kept its focus on the daily challenges that its clients face. That is why some of the market-leading companies today, such as Siemens, Lockheed Martin, Ariane Group, Daimler, and Audi, have asked Solukon for support in solving their issues. Listening to experts, and hearing what the experts need has paved the way for the firm to constantly improve its machines, and stay on top. 2020 saw a new member of the automated powder removal machines family introduced, as the SFM-AT-1000-S cleans extra-large parts with intelligent drive systems, as well as a multitude of other features. However, that is not all this year holds for Solukon, with upcoming collaborations with big players in the industry generating pioneering automation projects. Ultimately, Solukon may work in a niche market of automated powder removal machines, but what it does , it does fantastically well. The machines are innovative, and game-changing for those who require them, whilst the company culture is inclusive, diverse, and everything that a company should strive to be in today’s world. This is more than just innovation; this is technological brilliance of the highest standard. Company: Solukon Maschinenbau GmbH Contact: Michael Sattler Website: