Technology Innovator Awards 2020

Jun20375 Leading Specialists in Growth Hacking - UK Growing their business is a dream for all entrepreneurs. Building commercial validation for a business idea and then scaling the business is terribly hard. Fortunately, Rock Mission is on hand to help. As a growth agency, Rock Mission is wholly focused on making those entrepreneurial dreams come true. We profile the firm to find out why is the UK’s Leading Specialist in Growth Hacking. Growth agencies exist to help clients grow their businesses; a dream for any entrepreneur or business manager looking to take their business to the next level. Operating primarily in the FinTech, B2B SaaS, and E-commerce sectors, Rock Mission focuses on supporting VC-backed companies and corporate ventures in their journeys. Established in 2016 and grown to a team of 15 people between employees and regular collaborators, the company has supported a large number of ambitious organisations and help them achieve their goals. Some of their clients include start-ups such as Gousto, Tunemoji, Perkbox and Sales Confidence, and corporate ventures launched by HSBC, Shell and Bibby. We spoke with Michele Cuccovillo , the agency’s managing partner, about culture and the core values of the organisation he leads. Michele mentioned three core values: boldness, unorthodoxy, and restlessness. Boldly moving with conviction, the team at Rock Mission take an unorthodox approach to business problems, and this ever- fresh approach often breaks conventions in a bid to solve those problems. Finally, that restlessness is driven by the firm’s desire to deliver projects and result at pace. Having worked with plenty of entrepreneurs and corporate venture managers alike, Rock Mission understands better than most the enormous pressure to succeed that its clients face on a daily basis. That pressure can come from every angle. It’s sometimes more deliberate, when it comes from corporate higher-ups, angel investors and VCs, or colleagues. Some other times, it’s not so deliberate and it comes from friends and family merely wanting to wish success. Growth is ultimately what makes any venture successful, and Rock Mission is there grinding day in and day out, always giving its best to help those entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs achieve their goals. Rock Mission is a growth agency based in London, Europe’s leading tech hub and the perfect place to look after a client base that is mostly based in London, and sometimes in other European countries. The speed of change in the technology industry is nothing short of remarkable, with new tools, techniques, and acquisition channels being developed and released on a weekly, if not daily, basis. In order to address that rapid change, Rock Mission employs two tactics to stay ahead of the curve. Firstly, there is a structure in place where projects are overseen by growth generalists, and executed by specialists (e.g. an analytics specialist, a UI designer, a paid social advertising specialist). The specialists themselves have deep pools of insight and knowledge, and refresh their competencies more often and in depth. Secondly, passion is key for the team at Rock Mission. Although it might sound banal and trite, passion can make all the difference. If a workforce is passionate about what they do, then they tend to always want to stay on top of what is going on in the industry and their specific core competences. Rock Mission is a growth agency, and as such they employ both growth marketing and growth hacking techniques to deliver growth for its clients. The firm does far more than simply launching marketing campaigns, as many other marketing agencies would do. Instead, they formulate and execute strategies that serve the overall goals of the organisation, taking into consideration and understanding the various elements that contribute to them (e.g. financial elements, investors’ expectations, OKR, etc), whilst promoting strategic alignment across the various functions of the business. Company: Rock Mission Contact: Michele Cuccovillo, Managing Partner Website: Technology Innovator Awards 2020