Technology Innovator Awards 2020

into existing systems, regarding itself as an expert in this field. The teams at SICON are specialized in upgrading these systems as all of its own systems are individual, and its global know- how is inclusive of a huge range of mechanical recycling processes. Metal recycling, and the wider issue of recycling is one that everybody can do something to address every single day. However, for the massive plants and facilities dealing with large quantities of metal all the time, there is no better partner than SICON when it comes to implementing the best possible recycling processes. Company: SICON Germany Contact: Heiner Guschall Website: May20129 Leading Innovators in Metal Recycling 2020 - Germany Despite only being a relatively small facility, SICON has more than twenty years of top quality experience in the recycling of metals and residues coming from scrap operations. Having specialised in custom-tailoring recycling systems for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, it is little wonder that SICON has won the award for being one of the Leading Innovators in Metal Recycling 2020 – Germany. Following this latest success for the firm, we at Corporate Vision uncover more about how it works. In a world with almost eight billion inhabitants, recycling is one of the greatest global challenges of the current era. SICON was founded with the mission of using its strength and resources to develop recycling process for recyclable materials, particularly recyclable metals as they are the only recyclable material that can be recycled indefinitely. The scrap and non-ferrous metal industry makes a considerable contribution to solving the global recycling challenge using plants and machinery from SICON, and the continued daily effort of the SICON team means that more metals are able to be recycled than ever before. The firm’s systems are characterized by rapid amortization times, low-wear operation, and individual adaptation to the local recycling needs and requirements of the client. Recycling has never been so easy, thanks to SICON. Within the field of metal recycling, SICON has developed unique processes and machinery to make recycling easier than ever before. The award-winning EcoShred Compact car shredder is the perfect example, as is the VW-SICON process for the recycling of shredder residue. On top of that, there is the LaserSort, the most modern laser-based separation machine, and the award-winning EcoScan Online for the online analysis of scrap coming from shredders as a dynamic link to the steel manufacturers. Throughout the last twenty years of service, SICON has helped customers in more than thirty countries install recycling processes or improve their existing processes. Working collaboratively with local partners, the firm optimally serves the needs of customers in ways that are relevant and compliant with local law. Not only has this helped to address the global challenge of recycling, but it has resulted in SICON acquiring a unique know-how that is unrivalled across the world. A key part of maintaining that industry-leading position however is SICON’s reliance on partnership and networking, as well as lean structures and processes. Whilst the firm does specialize in ensuring that plants and machines are economically viable profit centres, it could not do it without the benefit of local partners in those many countries where it works. Capitalising on this network, SICON’s systems are unique and perfectly adapted to the real needs of customers having spent time listening and understanding the customers themselves. Using that feedback, and its existing knowledge about the recycling industry, SICON is also able to stay ahead of emerging developments. For the scrap industry, SICON has been thinking outside of the box in order to optimize its processes, shredders, and separation systems to increase profitabilitywhilst remaining independent from the steel industry. By understanding both sides of the steel and scrap industries, SICON is able to develop machines and systems at the most innovative level, and has constantly proven that it is able to set the pace for the industry numerous times before. Looking to the future, SICON has its own ideas about where recycling could go next. Within the scrap industry, the firm believes that the market will see even fewer new plants and fewer greenfield projects than in the last five years, but the focus will instead be on upgrading existing systems. SICON will focus on incorporating new technologies Technology Innovator Awards 2020