Technology Innovator Awards 2021

Technology Innovator Awards 2021 21 Most Innovative PropTech Business - UK Connecting the software that runs the property market, Coadjute is a company teaching an old industry new tricks with every innovation. Fundamentally, it uses an open blockchain network in order to connect the platforms already used by industry professionals across the board, from estate agents to conveyancers, and from mortgage brokers to lenders. This opens up a whole new range of possibilities for the industry as a whole to be both more efficient and collaborative. Through their network, it offers the ability to see progress in real-time updates and the ability to securely share documents and messages. This results in a reduction in administration work for real estate and property professionals across the industry. By reducing the minutia, and making busy-work a simple and automatic process. Their partners find that they have more time to focus on what’s important – client satisfaction. Furthermore, improved security makes everything that much more trustworthy, allowing professionals to feel confident when handling sensitive information. This increases transparency and vastly reduces the risk of fraud. Additionally, property sales can be conducted faster than ever before, as the nature of the R3 Corda blockchain used in the Coadjute Network synchronises data across multiple platforms, integrated into the leading software platforms that professionals are already familiar with. Its current partners include Dezrez, MRI Real Estate Software, Osprey Approach, and more, regularly announcing more as the news of this up-and-coming network takes the property industry by storm. Of course, in real estate, new technologies can be hard pressed to find acceptance; many businesses still use very traditional ways and means of serving their clients. This has not daunted Coadjute however, as it is committed to showing such companies that technological acumen can make things so much easier than trying to draw together a mix of ad-hoc connections in order to pull a sale together. Through their network, it offers the ability to see progress in real-time updates and the ability to securely share documents and messages. Being the first real-time network for the property market – and unlike other attempts to provide technological unity in the property world – Coadjute’s unique selling point comes from the fact that it connects the software that professionals already use today. With no need to duplicate systems or go through costly migration and change. Their network gives all the convenience and excellence of linking platforms together, without the expensive and time consuming cost of individual point-to-point connections. Overall, it seeks to put professionals fully in the driver’s seat and encourages the property market to collaborate. Coadjute hopes to help its industry to unlearn its tendencies to shy away from new technological investments, with new features that fit seamlessly into existing platforms. Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology, are heralding in a new era of business that has been quickened by the advent of the pandemic. In short, the perfect time for property professionals to begin using Coadjute is now, as it invites prospective partners to join it in creating the new future of real estate, dedicated to ensuring every business has the opportunity to partake. It is this that has earned it backing by four global venture capitalist firms: Blockchain Valley Ventures, Collab+Currency, Ahimsa Capital, and Reech Corporation. With collaboration, innovation, and trust at its core, Coadjute is ready to fully launch this year. ‘It’s going to be a huge year’, it tells us, ‘not just for us, but for the UK property industry who will get the first real-time network for property transactions in the world’. Company: Coadjute Website: Email: [email protected] Apr21208 Utilising blockchain technology already championed by global banks and large institutions, Coadjute is a company seeking to bring property professionals together. Fostering better connectivity, more streamlined platforms, and less time-consuming administrative work for property market professionals, this innovative company is gearing up for a successful launch and a bright future. Through their network, it offers the ability to see progress in real-time updates and the ability to securely share documents and messages.