Technology Innovator Awards 2021

Best Power and Gas ERP/CRM Software Company 2021 &Most Advanced Business Process Automation Platform 2021 PROCESIO enables agility in the face of fast market changes, without having to resort to heavy investments in a full-development team or to risk ‘shadow IT’. Its values centre around flexibility, security, and collaboration between technical and non-technical IT professionals. The company’s mission is to give anyone the power to automate workflows and business processes, and help close the gap between software development needs and the lack of specialised human resources in IT. PROCESIO achieves this by providing users with a visual development environment, and the power to extend the platform with new functionality, without having to wait for it to develop new features. With PROCESIO’s approach as an active market player, it sets the pace in creating the future of software development by bringing forth the disruptive technology of low-code and no-code. It stays ahead of the game thanks to its team’s expertise, skills and agility, which allows the company to understand and predict the market demand so it can offer its users greater value. The shift the company took towards automation is a natural development which founder, Mihai Darzan likes to compare to a biological organism in nature that replicates on top of itself, so that it can evolve and adapt to new conditions; in PROCESIO’s case: market and requirements. In other words, it is planning to build PROCESIO with PROCESIO. So it went a step further; PROCESIO invented a generic mechanism that it calls “stem cell services” which is a set of core services that are able to take any function based on plug and play logic that is injected in the generic service at runtime, in a similar way the biological stem cells work, allowing it to build highly versatile services that can change purpose on runtime. This is important because it eliminates most of the needed code to create services, as well as the need to specialise in services and containers. PROCESIO believes that a powerful iPaaS is not that with hundreds of existing integrations but that with flexible tools that allow the client to create their own specific connectors, with no limitation. This is the company’s credo! Three key features differentiate PROCESIO from other competitors at this point: custom actions build the client’s own functionalities and bypass limitations from platform-based connectors or flows; API calls to connect processes to any external system exposing an REST API; and visual testing and troubleshooting instead of searching through server logs for issues. PROCESIO is periodically releasing new features that are in line with its credo, giving users true freedom. Central Eastern Europe is a developing region with attractive local tech talent and high potential for growth in software development. The market demand for new software is high, and like everywhere else in the world, developers are hard to find and they are expensive, so there is a real need for a more flexible and efficient way to build integrations and workflow automation, faster, cheaper and scalable. PROCESIO has received a lot of interest from local companies in various industries that need a more efficient way to automate and integrate their apps, services and data. Also, the pandemic has boosted the software industry worldwide as the local and global need for remote services has gone up substantially. 2021 is a big year for PROCESIO as it is launching publicly this summer. There are several key things that have come into place, from enrolling its first users on the platform, to strengthening its product and marketing teams, and establishing its first partnerships. This year, PROCESIO is focused on integrating applications and data, but also it can be used as a backend for any software. In 2022, it will also offer frontend building capabilities, as well as a marketplace, IoT integrations, and a no-code academy. The grand plan is to build a complete ecosystem around PROCESIO, whereby users do not have to look for third-party solutions to automate and integrate software. PROCESIO is grateful to its investors who believe in its vision and who have supported it with €1.2 million during the seed funding rounds. Next, it is getting ready for a Series A funding round sometime later this year. Company: Procesio Contact: Mihai Darzan Website: Jun21031 PROCESIO is an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) that provides a fast and scalable alternative to classic coding, by using a low-code/no-code approach for companies that want to integrate applications and data. PROCESIO was born as a response to the acute global need for software development.