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FacTECH Servicios Informaticos srl: Most Innovative Remote Information Technology Company - Barcelona

Innovation in Business is honoured to host the 2022 Technology Innovator Awards. Encompassing a spectrum of markets, from software and hardware development to communications and gaming, the technology industry continues to pave the way for economic growth and provide businesses and individuals with the necessary tools to ensure the efficient operation of day-to-day activities within various business settings. Innovation and advancements in technology are crucial for ensuring that new products and services, capable of facilitating the advancement of economies and business, can be developed and utilised. The Technology Innovator Awards 2022 will therefore place emphasis on applauding innovation and seek to reward those who have proven themselves to be tech pioneers capable of providing solutions to meet a vast array of demands. Additionally, we will also seek to commend those who remain committed to demonstrating an outstanding level of excellence within this vital and constantly evolving industry. Sofi Bajor, Senior Editor Welcome to our Technology Innovator Awards 2022 Editorial Sofi Bajor, Senior Editor | Rebecca Scotland, Editor Designers Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer | Lauren Baldwin, Graphic Designer AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining frommaking any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

4. FacTECH Servicios Informaticos srl: Most Innovative Remote Information Technology Company - Barcelona 6. Caelus Technologies Limited: Best Analog-Signal IC Company - Hong Kong 8. NESTECH: Best Next-Gen Blockchain Platform - UK 10. Nova Blue Technologies: Cyber Security Experts of the Year - UK 12. Quick Silver Systems Inc: Best Insurance Policy & Claims System 2022 (North America) 14. Health Marketing: Most Effective Medical Marketing - Lima 16. Dazlus: Best AR Art & Entertainment Mobile App 2022 18. Axia Computer Systems Ltd: Best IT Support & Managed Helpdesk Services Provider - South East England 19. AB Paymentflows: Most Innovative In-House Financing Firm - Netherlands 20. VALIT Ráðgjöf: Best IT & Computer System Security Company - Iceland 21. Adams Digital Services: Best Online Marketing & Digital Services Provider 2022 - Southeast USA 22. Nordic 247 Services: Most Innovative Cooling Units Company - Europe 23. M3: Best Cloud-Based Financial Platform 2022 - USA 24. Institute for Immersive Learning: Best Metaverse Learning Experience Provider 2022 - Germany 25. RED3SIXTY: Best Consultant & Coaches Support Platform 2022 - South Africa 26. Eugenomic S.L.: Best Genomic Personalized Medicine & Pharmacogenetics Firm - Barcelona 27. Tomorrowspace: Most Immersive Virtual Content Company - Dorset 28. MILANAMOS: Best Market Intelligence & Scheduling Company 2022 29. SaltTech (Pty) Ltd: Most Innovative PaaS & SaaS Solutions Provider - South Africa 30. ANY.RUN: Best Malware Monitoring & Analysis Innovators 2022 31. Jaid: Best Al-Powered Automation Platform 2022 Contents

May21135 Most Innovative Remote Information Technology Company - Barcelona FacTECH offers cutting-edge IT services through three different business models and in three different locations: face-to-face and remote in Spain; via a small software factory in Mexico; and entirely remote from Columbia. Across each, client-centricity remains at the core, with the company’s teams striving to consistently provide themost outstanding level of service. In light of FacTECH’sextraordinary successwithin theTechnology Innovator Awards 2022, we got in touch with CEO, Jesús Méndez to learn more. The teamat FacTECHare professionals united by a passion for technology and entrepreneurialism. They are driven by a trainingmodel that focuses on their continuous growth, supporting them towork hard every day to guarantee a fast and efficient service that brings great satisfaction to clients. Both in Spain and Columbia, the technological stack in which FacTECH is present is wide and varied. It has functional consultants and developers in Sap, Dynamics, and Salesforce. In CMS, they focus on Drupal and LifeRay, and in BI they work with the Azure suite of products, Pentaho. In mobile applications, they’re committed to the development of native apps on Android and iOS through Java, .Net, and more. CEO of FacTECH, Jesús Méndez tells us, “We are aware that there are many companies in the world market similar to us, but that is where the real fun begins, and that is the constant process of looking for new services by putting ourselves in the shoes of our customers, thinking about what we would demand from a service provider’s company.” He continues, “Having three different models and the internationalisation of services allows us to position ourselves with a unique brand and follow a path that is admittedly more complicated than competitors. If you do the same as everyone else, it is logical that you will not stand out and a client will see you as just another company.” What truly gives FacTECH a distinct edge is its totally remote operations, enabling it to reach clients all over the globe – thus it is intimately linked to the newworking model brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important to point out that FacTECH’s remote way of working was established before the pandemic and how this continues to truly benefit its productivity and success. Jesús gives us an insight: “We are firm believers that the control of work projects is not linked to having your team working three metres away from your office, but that the results should be measured by objectives. Nov 2057Nov22057

Most Innovative Remote Information Technology Company - Barcelona “Despite this, we are aware that the work paradigm of many clients needs a ‘push’ to decide to use remote services; for this, we have innovated as a survival offering, delivering our clients tools that allow them to know in real-time what FacTECH professionals who work for them are doing. That is, with this tool that we have created, a client of ours has absolute control of the presence of our professionals, distribution of the hours worked. We believe that this tool offers a control service that is not available in face-toface work, despite being three metres away.” In short, innovation for FacTECH is synonymous with survival; it is the path the company has chosen to improve its services for its clients, with the sole objective of them continually returning for its services. FacTECH is dedicated to being in the best possible position to satisfy its clients, having invested a large part of its profits in its tools and top-notch team. Its people have the skills and expertise, coupled with access to the cuttingedge technology needed to get the job done to a high standard. While this is very important, above all, the company believes that “attitude is more important than aptitude”. This sentence may be simple but it perfectly defines FacTECH’s internal model of recruiting. Before going on to technical interviews, every candidate goes through a psycho-technical test that reveals their psychological profile, which defines their personality and whether they will fit in with regard to the company’s philosophy. A professional who joins FacTECH goes through multiple stages, from basic curriculum screening; the psycho-technical test that is analysed by psychologists; interviews with the operations director; to seeing their technological profile through a technology levelling test. The results of this test are compared with the profile expected by the client, and then the candidate is interviewed by the CTO to certify them in person. Indeed, FacTECH is always looking for professionals who have excellent attitudes and whosemaxim is always above and beyond their technological knowledge. This vision is the result of the company’s experiencewith clients, ultimately striving to add professionals to its team whowill be able to exceed their expectations. Also key to the company’s success is its leveraging of two models: training and its innovation committee. All of FacTECH’s employees are obliged to take five hours of training per month. The first four hours are focused on their job, where a study of their strengths and weaknesses occurs and is compared with the profile expected by clients. Weaknesses are highlighted and resolutions are explored in order to make the client experience better. The fifth hour of monthly training is left open to the choice of the employee, who chooses the technology they want to study in depth, whether related to their day-to-day work or not. Once this has been chosen, the corresponding private teacher is found and, depending on their level of knowledge, they go into the topic in greater depth. This training model gives the company and its employees many joys, as on the one hand the employee can improve their profile and the client sees an improvement in the services offered, and the company is delighted because both the client and its team are satisfied. Jesús says, “We try, and most of the time we succeed, to make processes simple, useful, and beneficial for everyone. That is to say, to make themwith common sense, and always looking for internal improvement.” Then, the company’s internal philosophy is to ensure that every teammember is listened to, believing that each individual’s vision can contribute to improvement in all areas of the business. Thus, FacTECH has an innovation committee where all employees can share their opinion on how processes can be improved. Jesús explains, “Every month we study in the management committee all the proposals and we give one as the winner which has a financial prize associated with it. All ideas are valid. The criteria for selecting one or another is as simple as the one that is the most practical for the client and that is easiest to apply. There are no limits to any idea, we simply want to give the best of each person’s vision.” The aim is to ensure that all suggestions are responded to and an explanation is provided as to why they are chosen or not. Jesús says, “I think the key is there: if you ask your team for involvement and opinions, the minimum is that everyone has feedback and not discard any idea. All are valid, but it is different if it is the easiest to execute, implement and be clear about the benefits it will bring to the customer, employees and therefore to FacTECH.” Ultimately, Jesús concludes that FacTECH is “not doing badly”, sharing that the year 2022 will close “with an average growth of 300% in all delegations, both in financial results and in employee growth, reaching some of [its] delegations with a growth of 500%.” Company: FacTECH Servicios Informaticos srl Contact: Jesús Méndez MUR Email: [email protected] Website:

Apr21077 Best Analog-Signal IC Company - Hong Kong Caelus Technologies Limited is a fabless semiconductor chip company, specialising in high performance data converters – Analog-To-Digital Converter [ADC]/Digital-To-Analog Converter [DAC]. The privately held company, with offices in Shenzhen, was founded in 2018 by two technologists and a deep technology entrepreneur with a track record of building successful world-class companies. It provides solutions in a wide range of applications such as instrumentation, medical imaging, data acquisition, sensors, wireless/wireline communications, and more. “Power consumption of chip is now very important criteria that can reduce a lot of electrical fees for end-users or extend their battery life for use,” explains Chi Fung, one of the founding members of Caelus. “We set Caelus’ initial product to work for Intellectual Property and for the design to be embedded in other chip companies for a single chip system. However, IP business scale is much smaller than standard chip business. So, after the first year of establishment, we adjusted our products to be standard chip instead of an IP. Second, Caelus is focused on low power data converters that not only increase a product’s efficiency but also reduces customer cost. Therefore, we set Caelus as a high-performance data converter chip company who offers low-power consumption.” Chi Fung has more than 15 years of hands-on design experience in analog/ mixed-signal architectures and circuits with expertise in data converters. Prior to founding Caelus, he worked at Huawei, Credo Semiconductor, ASTRI, and Fujitsu Semiconductor. Working in such a fast-paced and ever-evolving industry, Chi Fung and the others at the company must ensure they remain at the cutting-edge of new developments to remain best placed to meet their clients’ needs. “Persistent innovation is a core competitiveness of Caelus,” Chi Fung elaborates. “CAE2200 is one of our high-speed data converter products; it is superior to ADI and TI’s top products by 28% in sampling rate, whereas consuming only 55% power consumption from them. We attracted a lot of interested customers in pipeline to use it in direct-RF sampling transceiver products that have over at least US$1B every year.” This pioneering product greatly reduces power consumption, boosts data rate, and supports wider bandwidth. In the next five years, Chi Fungpredicts thatdirect-RFsampling data converters will be highly used to replace traditional homodyne or heterodyne transceivers as they provide lower BoM cost, lower power consumption, and greater flexibility/ configurability. With customers in wireless/wireline communication aspects already highly interested CaelusTechnologies Limited (Caelus) provides ultra-highperformancestandalonechip realisedby its patent architecture and techniques for high resolution and/or high-speed data converters. We profile the firm and find out more about its innovative products from founding member, Chi Fung, as it celebrates being named in the Technology Innovator Awards 2022. in Caelus’ products, Chi Fung plans to approach Chinese hardware manufacturers first, demonstrate thechip in aTSMCcollaboration platform, and present the test results at a top international conference. Despite its mightily innovative nature, the team behind these revolutionary products is comprised of only seven people, however everyone must pull together to keep on innovation, and no-one is more important than anyone else within the team. “Our staff all have different functions,” Chi Fung states. “We have technical staff, and engineers in R&D responsible for creating new methods, and engineers in product development for making our products using our invented technologies. Both types of engineers are equally important in driving company breakthrough in technology. “Our internal culture is free as long as colleagues can accomplish the assigned tasks, and we have high bonus and share options provided for colleagues so that they can enjoy the growth of Caelus.” Recently, the firm achieved international recognition in the Technology Innovator Awards 2022 and was named Best Analog-Signal IC Company - Hong Kong. Regarding the future, Chi Fung expects to see more and more companies working in high-performance data converters. Since 98% of the market is dominated by ADI and TI, and the industry is expected to grow to an annual value of US$8B by 2027 in terms of standalone chip sales but excluded IP embedded in a system-on-chip, as it has a large space of new players. Over the past couple of years, Caelus has occupied more of an R&D phase for making superior products to market. Now, Chi Fung can expect strong company growth over the next five years, starting with the introduction to market of a new product, and he has high hopes for continued success with his competent team at the helm. “In 2023, one product in precision data converter (8-channel simultaneous sampling, 16b 200KS/s ADC) will appear in market,” he explains. “One high speed product (12.8GS/s 12b ADC) will appear in publication that has 28% higher in sampling rate compared to ADI/TI’s top products whereas consumes only 55% power consumption from them. “A small team and a scarce resource do not stop our dream to realise a successful chip company. We believe that our innovation can eventually make our dream come true.” Contact: Chi Fung Company: Caelus Technologies Limited Web Address: Nov 2113 caelus®

Best Analog-Signal ICCompany - Hong Kong

May21135 In parallel, for the NEST® mobile application, it has club memberships, asset minting, and collectible generation for users to primary and secondary sales across to AI/ML powered marketplace authentication integrations. NEST® is inviting developers to contribute to the NEST® L1 and allowing anyone with a device, computer, or mobile to run their own nodes, contribute, and earn across the space. For NEST®, this is the start of the genuinely distributed, confidential, user-set ownershipcontrol and participation which it has worked for many years to be able to share. So, we asked Charles to give us an insight into how the success of NEST® came about. “There is no one recipe or set formula for success. The truly unique selling point or most valuable proposition can come firstly from your belief in your answer to a problem or approach at a solution – follow this – irrespective of what ‘normal’ may be held as.” He adds, “Experience can never trump curiosity and attitude. There is never an ability to train for genuine ambition or common sense. Having faith in potential has always proved far more valuable and impactful than simply selecting for education or pedigree. We are always receptive.” Alongside this, Charles goes on to tell us how important sustainability is to the company: “Sustainable becomes or is synonymous with survival or longevity. It is of critical importance. Our valuation and quantification of sustainability extends to the micro-environments of code structure in respect to say the machine resource consumption across to the macro, with our UK main office as well as the primary modes of transportation there being completely electric and solar powered. We further have digital-only in-house documentation, implementing digital tablets instead of paper.” Now, what do the next 12 months look like for NEST®? Charles enthuses, “We are staggering the launches of two B2C applications – these being the NEST® mobile environment and the marketplace. We are working closely with a variety of niche segments and industries, both in branded releases as well as behind the scenes, to introduce real-world smart contract (RWSC®) exchange. The RWSC® represents a direct and confidential control of legal exchange which can be monetised in either fiat or cryptocurrency which has a myriad of applications. Concurrently, we will be opening up the NEST® blockchain for developer contributions.” The team at NEST® focuses on bespoke development of easily accessible infrastructures and software that facilitate confidentially secured user access, ownership, and control of Web3. NEST® is truly interoperable and has its own layer-zero-to-one blockchain. Its people have built and manage both desktop and mobile applications which together provide over 50 different, first of their kind features. Having developed the first real-world authentication and control solution for Web3, the team strives to makeWeb3 tangible and to empower each user. Consumers typically have neither choice nor privacy in Web2. Facebook, Google, and Amazon are popular centralised Web2 services and often exploit personal data for profit. Through distributed ledger technologies, blockchain being one type, Web3 has the potential to give control back to users. These networks and users are decentralised and connected through peer-to-peer mechanisms. This provides the foundation to unleash a profound economic opportunity, never before available. Speaking of creating the company, Charles tells us, “We saw it more as a necessity than an option. Critical barriers for distributed genuine privacy, exchange participation, ownership, monetisation, and user control exist that no one else seemed to be addressing. Solving these critical barriers and enabling user-led control was not really about starting a business; it feels more like a personal responsibility.” Charles started the development process with the question, “How can you make choice personal?” This is not an initially simple proposition to explain. To truly “make choice personal” requires that the individual retains agency in action, that they have sufficient privacy to formulate their own judgements and decisions which are as free as possible from external influence or bias as well as they hold an active capacity to securely and safety execute those choices. He says, “For many years, we have been building, in stealth mode, a multichain ecosystem able to accommodate this complete lifecycle. Our answer to howwe can “make choice personal” is what we provide to users through our infrastructure. Confidential, interoperable, and authentically user-owned tools that privately bridge their digital to realworld divide.” Right now, NEST® is focusing on partnerships around institutional grade custody of digital assets, notary to registration services for legal documentation, fractional tokenisation of digital assets, dynamic artwork, and NFT ticketing solution use-cases which are primarily through the desktop application called AERIE or the “eagles’ nest”. These are just scratching the surface of first touch-points as well as the depth of potentials, even within the verticals. Best Next-Gen Blockchain Platform - UK NEST® stands for Naturally Encrypted, Secure Technologies, and it is the next-gen blockchain infrastructure that sets the gold standard for confidential, distributed identity and crosschain asset control. Following the success of this ground-breaking platform within the Technology Innovator Awards 2022, we got in touch with founder and CEO, Charles Anderson to learn more.

Company: NESTECH LTD (NEST®) Contact: Charles Anderson Email: [email protected] / [email protected] Website:

May21135 Cyber Security Experts of the Year - UK The invisible threat of cyberattacks may be far from the minds of many business owners, but Nova Blue Technologies (Nova Blue) is dedicated to ensuring that businesses has the correct tools in place should a cyberthreat rear its ugly head. Following the company’s win in the Technology Innovator Awards 2022, we got in touch with Founder, Steve Mason to explore why it’s so important to be fully protected in the digital world. Based in Cheltenham, Nova Blue Technologies is a world-class cybersecurity risk management reduction company. Established by those who have kept the nation safe from cyberthreats, the firm’s people are now committed to bringing this excellence to other organisations. “At Nova Blue Technologies, we believe that technology is an amazing enabler for human progress, but we also know that modern technology comes with cyber risk,” begins Founder and Director, Steve Mason. “Nova Blue Technologies was created with one purpose in mind: to democratise genuine cybersecurity and help companies overcome their technology challenges and achieve amazing results.” The firm excels in designing, building, and implementing its premium cybersecurity strategies and systems to ensure that organisations stay safe in today’s hyperconnected world marketplace. By doing this, Nova Blue ensures that every engagement is bespoke and designed to fit its intended organisation like a glove, with the cyber programme it puts in place striking the balance between risk and agility, and empowering clients to move with pace and security. The cybersecurity excellence provided protects customers not just now, but long into the future. “Our team are drawn from cyber and risk experts who used to work at the centre of government, both in Canada and the United Kingdom,” continues Steve. “We’ve got decades of experience in keeping both nations safe from the most advanced cyberthreats.” In fact, Steve regales us with a tale of one particular client from the Midlands, in the UK, and how he sought to successfully overcome the challenges he was met with. The client had had its financial systems hacked and were already missing thousands of pounds. The cause? Years of cybersecurity complacency and neglect, which in turn meant that the business had accrued decades of technical debt and were suffering as a result. The risk to the business was enormous. Oct2 669 “To get my clients back on the right track, I started by focusing on the crocodile nearest the canoe: the hacked financial system,” states Steve. “I investigated and found the source of the breach and shored up the cyber defences to ensure that no more money went missing or other damage was done.” Once this task was complete, Steve set about undertaking a complete and systematic analysis of the business and its subsidiaries, using his unique and powerful skills and tools to quantify and qualify their cyber risks. He then built them a full cyber and technology strategy along with a roadmap of activities that exponentially increased the security posture of the company (even stopping a repeated hacking attempt a couple of months later); removed the decades of technical debt in the organisation; and modernised the business, saving thousands on maintenance of outdated systems and procedures. “The result is a business that is not only more secure; they have a much more effective and efficient digital estate that will enable and empower their growth for years to come,” Steve enthuses. “The problem could have been avoided but, sadly, many companies have an “it won’t happen to me” mentality.” That’s not saying that modern technology is bad, in fact, quite the opposite is true. Modern technology is an incredible force for good for all humankind. It has cured diseases, democratised information, simplified communication across vast expanses, sent humans to the moon, and has enabled humankind to navigate their way through a global pandemic by staying mentally and emotionally connected whilst physically apart. “We believe that technology should be available to all global citizens to enrich lives and empower living. We believe that the barriers to entry to great technology need to be lowered so that more of the global community can tap into technology for the betterment of all humankind.” But while technology has enabled and will continue to enable the benevolent advancement of humankind, there are a small minority of tech citizens who would use these advances for ill-intentioned gains and cyber incidents are unfortunately becoming more commonplace. For example, the number of ransomware attacks globally grew a whopping 32% in the first six months of 2021; the average business disruption from a cyberattack is 21 days of downtime; and, perhaps most terrifyingly of all, the average ransomware payment was £210,000, with reputational damages being many times that. “While there is no such thing as an un-hackable system, it is possible to significantly reduce the risks associated with malicious cyber activities,” Steve elaborates. “We believe that government-grade technology cybersecurity shouldn’t be the domain of few; it should be the domain of many.” Nova Blue takes a full-spectrum and riskcentric approach to a business’s cyber security, empowering it to win and conduct business with the knowledge that the firm is behind the scenes, keeping it safe. The dedicated team at Nova Blue are experts at building an accurate, holistic, and actionable assessment of an organisation’s cybersecurity maturity. All of these assessments come with a prioritised set of recommendations, and Steve is not the type to drop a report and run; in fact, he will stay with his client for every step of the implementation journey if they so wish. Recently, for its diligence and commitment to protecting organisations from cyberthreats, Nova Blue was recognised in the Technology Innovator Awards 2022 and named Cyber Security Experts of the Year – UK. Nowas Steve and the team look ahead, they envision a bright future, one of safety and security. “Managing the risk is about being ready,” he says. “And being ready is all about having a gameplan ahead of time and executing that gameplan with finesse and fidelity when it happens.” Contact: Steve Mason Company: Nova Blue Technologies Web Address:

Most Innovative Remote Information Technology Company - Barcelona

Apr21077 Best Insurance Policy &Claims System 2022 (North America): Quick Silver Systems Quick Silver Systems Inc was founded in 2018 by Sean Pitcher with Yohan Arteaga serving as a lead developer and architect for the core system. However, we’re already jumping wildly ahead of ourselves! Let’s begin by looking back to way before it all started. Sean Pitcher started his career in insurance at Service Insurance in Bradenton FL as a developer writing rating solutions for home and condo owners, eventually finding himself the VP of IT at American Strategic Insurance in St. Petersburg Florida where he inherited various software platforms for various lines of business. By July of 2001, having become frustrated with the status of systems being sold to the insurance industry, Sean took his life savings, including cashing in his $401k, and formed a company called Maximum Processing Inc for roughly two years he built a policy and claims system from scratch in the back bedroom of his home with the help of one other developer. By 2016, that initial software had become what is known today as the Stingray System and was utilised in more than 28 live implementations of various lines of business and solutions. In addition, Sean’s company had grown from two people in his back bedroom to roughly 130 people in office locations in Florida and North Carolina. In addition, he had opened two remote offices, one in Russia and one in China, bringing the total worldwide headcount to roughly 150. Then, in mid-2016, Sean was approached by a large multi-national to purchase the company, and since he owned the majority of the company, he decided to sell everything, including the buildings in both US locations, and he sat back to enjoy his retirement… for a short period of time! After the non-compete from the sale of Maximum Processing Inc expired, Sean realised that he actually hated being retired and decided to re-enter the insurance business by building another system from scratch utilising the newest technologies and fixing all of the things he didn’t like about the prior systems, based on his experience over the last 18 years in insurance and software. This new system is called the Mercury Policy and Claims Processing System. In addition, in the process of building the Mercury System, Sean went back to several of the very best people he had worked with over the years at Maximum Processing and recruited many of them to join the team at what was nowQuick Silver Systems. The Mercury Policy and Claims Processing System is built with Node.js and is 100% web-based, allowing secure access from any internet enabled device including cell phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops from anywhere in the world, and it is sold in a variety of ways each meant to meet a specific client’s need. “We offer SaaS (Software as a Service) which is our main way to offer the system for start-ups and small to medium sized insurance companies without a dedicated development staff,” states Sean, speaking of his Coming out of retirement in order to set up a new company, Sean Pitcher looks back over the last few years at his journey with Quick Silver Systems Inc (Quick Silver). He talks to us about the firm’s approach to innovation, as well as why he’s bucking the trend for remote working, in the wake of the company being named in the Technology Innovator Awards 2022. creation. “We also offer a full license where you can still utilise our team for implementation, but this license also includes access to the source code so a client’s in-house development team can work on the system if or when necessary.” Sean and his dedicated team’s philosophy is to deliver an experience that they would want if they were purchasing a system for themselves. For example, no hidden agendas, no fixed agreements or contracts, real-time communication, clients own their own data, bug fixes are free, and clients always have access to Sean’s contact details. It is these unique points which help the firm differentiate itself amongst its competitors. Sean believes that the product more than speaks for itself and states that the best way to meet new clients has been word of mouth so far. As a fairly new entity, not many people are aware of Quick Silver’s existence still, but Sean is determined to change that. Targeting small to mid-sized insurance companies or start-ups that want to get to market quickly without many of the initial cost constraints of competing systems means that the Mercury System is ideally placed as it provides everything with no additional or hidden costs. Clients can choose to build anything from a simple real-time rating system to a full-blown end-to-end policy and claims processing system. Working within such a fast-paced and ever-evolving industry, it is of utmost importance that Sean and the team ensure that Quick Silver remains on the cutting edge of new developments in order to always meet clients’ needs. For Sean, innovation is all about adaptation and that adaptation must come from all sides of the business, including its clients. This is done predominantly through the Mercury System being fully customisable, so rather than forcing a client’s business process into a rigid system, the Mercury System is naturally made to work the way clients want it to. “It was built from the ground up to be modular and extensible,” elaborates Sean. “Not onlydoweaddownourAPI callsaswesee the industry stretching into new areas but often our clients drive our innovations to the system as well. Some of the best ideas have come fromour clients who have driven us to implement unique processes or data calls – so far we haven’t run into any innovation that we couldn’t implement!” Internal innovation however starts with utilising the latest technologies and agile development processes, including code automation, functional testing, and artificial intelligence, during the development stage to help the developers complete their coding with the help of AI. Meanwhile, innovations in communication and documentation have challenged the old business models with new thinking, new competitors, and new ways of collaborating in real-time from anywhere in the world. Therefore, Quick Silver’s documentation and processes have adapted to implement the latest ideas on improving efficiency, visibility, and stakeholder access. Oct 2659

“Our clients have a system that is fully capable and stands ready to adapt as they experience the next wave of macro and micro changes through the industry,” Sean enthuses. “Our clients are able to seize upon these disruptions as they anticipate and adapt to the new challenges facing them.” Mercury System’s devoted clients have confidence that their system is fully ready to implement any change they need quickly and efficiently. This allows the small to medium-sized insurance company to be nimble and respond to this ever unpredictable increasingly rapid age of change effectively. By anticipating and meeting this demand efficiently, clients have been able to create unique opportunities for themselves in the process. Sean’s primary focus is to always try to innovate to create a superior employee experience as improving an employee’s experience improves their engagement, and high levels of engagement lead to measurable levels of business success in all areas of the business. In addition, an engaged employee makes a great leader, team member, and collaborator. Currently, the software industry is facing a challenge whereby workers want to work exclusively from home or remotely. This can be hugely advantageous when it comes to commuting times, availability of talent in locations far from the company, and lower overheads in terms of office space and rates of pay. However, Sean feels that a cohesive team does indeed need random personal interactions and shared experiences in Best Insurance Policy & Claims System 2022 (North America): Quick Silver Systems order to become a great team, and also in order to actually care about the work that they do for their clients. “We value direct interaction,” he continues. “So all of our employeeswork out of our office and, while there are some opportunities towork fromhome one or two days a week, we see the benefit of engaged employees interacting at the water cooler and that positively affects our company culture. Our employees often hang out together after work and consider themselves friends beyond work as well.” Simply put, without its loyal staff base, there wouldn’t be a company, and Sean sees his employees as absolutely vital to Quick Silver’s success, as well as vital in future-proofing theorganisation fromdisruptions in employee retention and training. Recently, Quick Silver was recognised in the Technology Innovator Awards 2022 and named Best Insurance Policy & Claims System 2022 (North America) – something that Sean wholeheartedly attributes to the strong sense of teamwork that his staff base has cultivated. “We give ownership and autonomy to our employees. This kind of caring and ownership comesmore readily fromworking in close proximity toone another.” Contact: Sean Pitcher Company: Quick Silver Systems Inc Web Address:

May21135 The health sector has become dynamic for all, presenting challenges and opportunities such as the universalisation of access to quality health, decentralisation, financing, the entry of new agents, increasingly informed users, among others. This reality requires a broad, comprehensive, and innovative vision, both from the public and private managers who lead the health sector. This vision must be capable of inspiring and building a response that contributes to a better quality of life of the population and to facilitate a process of responsible and ethical transformation, to achieve an efficient health system. “It is important to recognise the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities created by such a complex scenario which requires new organisational and individual competencies,” Daniel states, telling us that the private health services industry basically maintains two behaviours, which go according to the size of the company. Small and medium-sized companies have chosen to try to maintain their share by applying actions purely for the sale of services, competing with each other mainly for the sale price factor and neglecting customer loyalty strategies or incursion into innovation. At the other extreme we have leading companies in the market that are developing expansion and growth plans, focused on deepening consumer behavior, market agents, and optimising their processes constantly with the use of technology. “In the next year, we will continue to develop actions to maintain and consolidate our leadership position,” continues Daniel. “For this, we will reinforce the strategies for our individual services aimed at large companies, which are aimed at executing specific projects such as: marketing planning, market research, digital marketing in health or advertising campaigns. “We will also strengthen the Comprehensive Plans for small and medium-sized enterprises. Basically, these plans combine all the necessary components of marketing, digital advertising, and market research to achieve results in the short term.” On the other hand, Health Marketing plans to execute tactics related to the diversification and extension of the line, having technology and innovation as the central axis of development. By carrying out specialised marketing actions, companies in the health sector will obtain profitability through patient satisfaction, thus converting their requirements into requirements to improve the service consistently. Daniel continues to tell us that it is important to note that, for the culture of marketing to take root in a health services company, it is essential that this discipline is understood, internalised, and available to all hierarchical levels of a health company, only then can an enveloping and synergistic result be truly obtained. “Small to mid-size business must be aware that marketing in health organisations is the transversal axis that unifies through knowledge and strategies all the processes in the production of the service,” he elaborates. “Whether they are medical, assistance, or administrative, promoting them in a coordinated manner in the achievement of objectives, exposed to the market as a specific brand. “The managers of health institutions should know that if your company is directed in the path of medical marketing (marketing Health Marketing is a medical marketing (marketing medico) management and advertising consulting agency dedicated entirely to the development of organisations in the health sector. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of private health, Health Marketing offers a wide portfolio of integral solutions for each specific requirement with its main objective being to add value to health organisations through the services it offers. For this, the company applies its own and proven methodology called Integral Health Marketing System, making the entire process more efficient so that it achieves its objectives, regardless of the size of the organisation or its level of investment, in order to substantially improve the performance of medical marketing (marketing medico) actions. “We try to increase the level of quality of all health organisations through our consultancies, so that both patients and the health institution benefit,” explains Daniel Figueroa Linares, the firm’s Senior Marketing Strategist. “Our company has as fundamental pillars the ethics and values that govern the health sciences, achieving effective, clean, and transparent medical marketing (marketing medico). ” Daniel himself has worked in the sector for more than 18 years, advising entities of the private health sector in the most prestigious institutions of medical services, dental services, occupational health, and import and distribution of medical and dental material. At Health Marketing, Daniel heads up a multidisciplinary team of professionals, all of which have extensive proven experience in the field, and all of whom have a humanistic approach based on the patient. This dedicated team is just one of the many reasons why Health Marketing differentiates itself from competitors when it comes to medical advertising (publicidad médica) strategies, including marketing for medical offices (marketing para consultorios medicos) and digital marketing for doctors (marketing digital para médicos). Daniel goes on to tell us two more critical key areas in which the organisation stands aside from others. “With more than 20 years working uninterruptedly with all types of health organisations in Peru and abroad, we have experience such as: clinics, polyclinics, medical centers, clinical laboratories, diagnostic imaging, medical offices, and dental. “We also have knowledge as we know in detail all the processes involved in the production of the various health services. This added to the specific understanding about the market and patients, result in optimal and solid marketing strategies, which differentiates us from other companies in the field.” Most Effective Medical Marketing - Lima Based in Lima, Peru, Health Marketing is an organisation made up of experts in medical marketing (Mercadeo Médico) who offer effective solutions to enable the success of health institutions. Whether it is attracting new patients, retainingcurrentones,or improvingabrand image, Health Marketing is on hand to help. We find out more as the company celebrates a recent win in the Technology Innovator Awards 2022.

medico) , you will increase the chances of success, foresee changes in the environment, adapt quickly to these changes, and increase quality levels in a process of continuous improvement.” Health Marketing recently published the book “Effective Marketing for Health Services”, written by Daniel, which has been developed under a solid theoretical framework in conjunction with highly effective strategies developed and executed throughout his professional career. The result is useful and functional procedures for any type of health organisation. The company also actively participates in national and international congresses, teaching postgraduate courses in a prestigious house of studies in Peru, as well as generating and disseminating content of interest through literary articles or instructional videos. Health Marketing’s proven results, constant innovation, and excellent service have been recognised recently as it achieved the Most Effective Medical Marketing (marketing medico) – Lima title at the Technology Innovator Awards 2022. Contact: Daniel Figueroa Linares Company: Health Marketing Web Address:

May21135 Best ARArt & Entertainment Mobile App 2022 Dazlus was founded in 2019 by Felix Barber and Henry Hyde-Thomson, to exploit a powerful trend in art and entertainment to create new products based on new technologies such as AI and AR. The team have embraced emerging technologies in both AI and AR to develop a range of exciting products. Currently, the team is working on a pilot AR project, Hightime (www. with a test mobile app currently offering tours of Zurich and Munich. In many ways, this project showcases the way in which Dazlus has pushed the boundaries of how technology is used. For seeing the world in a slightly different way, Dazlus is clearly leading the way. In the palm of your hand, there is enough technological power to generate entire characters and creations in AR. These creations, viewed through your screen, provide “artainment” in public spaces. No longer limited to expensive and bespoke stage shows or events, Dazlus has made this technology open to all. The impact has been to promote destinations, offering a unique perspective that could never have been seen before. Few understand how to leverage technology so effectively as the Dazlus team. Clearly then, for the team at Dazlus, innovation is not just about novelty, but about offering marketable user value as well. Technology has opened the door to many new opportunities, and those who secure a position at the front of this market are the ones who will stay ahead of any developments. To find those resources which make the most impact, however, depends on companies like Dazlus who are committed to finding these new ideas and experimenting with which make value. Such an eye for harnessing new technologies has only been possible thanks to constant monitoring of the industry and a global network of suppliers. The teamworks with teams in Switzerland, the USA, the UK, India, the Philippines and Ukraine to build new products. Developing their pilot app, Hightime, required harnessing a host of different skills. With city destination knowledge, storyline creation, animation, app development, test and marketing, it has been more akin to a film production than anything else. Orchestrating a global network to bring together different skills is complex but makes Dazlus highly flexible in adapting to capture new opportunities in the market. Whilst AR creates amazing opportunities for developing innovative new products, one of the major challenges for AR companies is making people more familiar with the potential of AR art and entertainment products. There is no Netflix or Spotify or Steam for marketing AR apps yet, which makes creating awareness within this space more challenging. Paradoxically, it often still takes a real physical presence, such as a billboard or a poster, to draw attention to a quintessentially digital geolocated AR artwork Destination management companies and others owning and managing high traffic locations have an advantage in drawing attention to geolocated AR on their “territory”. Looking ahead, the Dazlus team are exploring the Augmented Reality is an incredibly versatile tool, one which changes the world about us in ways that inform, visually enhance, entertain and provide a platform for play. Dazlus has earned its stripes through an approach which packs all these varied features of AR into a mobile app for city tours. But are people ready to use new AR technology to get more from a new city or other tourist destination? The team at Dazlus certainly think so, and so do their app users. We take a closer look to find out more. potential of collaborating more strongly with noted B2B players in the arena. The team are also excited to see interesting new B2C opportunities and are thrilled by the opportunity to develop solutions in this area too. When we look at Dazlus, we look at a team emboldened by new ideas and smart thinking. Their approach is one which is revolutionary in every respect. We celebrate the team’s approach and look forward to what they do next! Company: Dazlus Name: Felix Barber Email: [email protected] Web Address: Oct2 55

Apr21843 Best Independent 3rd Party DOOHVerification Company 2022 OOH advertising is incredibly important, but it is also an industry which is constantly evolving. The digitalisation of screens meant there was a requirement for advertisers to understand whether what they had booked had actually happened. The team from thorndyke take on this role, using their knowledge of the industry to ensure trust and transparency. Following success in the Technology Innovator Awards from Innovation in Business, we caught up with Jason Cooper to uncover more. Founded by a group of AdTech innovators, all of whom met at what was the world’s biggest ad verification company, thorndyke stands at the forefront of a rapidly growing industry. For many, advertising is a dark art, but it is actually where campaign performance and delivery can, and should, be as transparent as possible. No matter how sophisticated the technology gets, the thorndyke team are ideally equipped to ensure that this is the case. As an independent verifier, the team are in constant demand for monitoring services. Thorndyke has worked hard to become preferred vendor for Dentsu and Publicis, two of the “big six” advertising agency holding groups, as well as a deal with Cartology who are part of Woolworths. Big brands and major OOH advertisers such as Polestar, PayPal and Rickett Benckiser trust the team to ensure that what they pay for is precisely what they get. This trust has been earned over many years, and the teamare constantly investing in new products to help advertisers to understand the impact of their investment into OOH. The independent performance data that the thorndyke team collate is an invaluable part ofmaking an accurate determination. With over $1billion invested into DOOH in Australia alone, it’s important that this investment can be tracked and verified so that this immense sum of money is held accountable. Since opening their doors, thorndyke has seen their data become more and more important. It is considered the statement of record by many, and used as the basis for reconciling any discrepancies that might arise. As such, innovation is essential to keep this information accurate. The thorndyke team’s systems and technologies are held to the highest standards and used for benchmarking. The COVID-19 pandemic made life difficult for everyone within the OOH industry, with lockdowns causing advertising in the outdoor sections to essentially stop.With confidence that thingswould eventually return to normal, the thorndyke team refocused their efforts on building, experimenting and innovating their technology. This continued development of ideas is essential to the success of anybusiness in this sector,with newapproaches demanding a sophisticated response. Up ahead, it’s clear that automated OOH trading, known as Programmatic Trading, is going to become an enormous part of the work that the thorndyke team undertake. This will open up the potential for inventory and screens from a centralised trading desk, accelerating investment in media dollars through this channel. Companies such as thorndyke will play a major role in this, as independent verification will be needed to ensure the investment is thoroughly understood. Looking ahead, it’s clear that thorndyke offers clear value to clients, with their long experience and expertise making them a leader in the DOOH measurement market. For them, they see the opportunity not purely to deliver verification, however, but a holistic measurement solution for the DOOH industry. Every campaign deserves to have independent measurement and tracking, and thorndyke is determined to deliver. Their growth over the years, and plans to expand into the USA and the UK prove the viability of the team’s incredible vision. We can’t wait to see what they do next! Company: thorndyke Name: Jason Cooper Email: [email protected] Web Address: Oct 2490 Subscribe to our newsletter