Technology Innovator Awards 2022

May21135 helps toengageandempower its staffmembers toproduceahappyworkingenvironment. “The staff is the success of the company – without the staff, the company does not exist. When looking to recruit new talent, we look for tangible and intangible traits. Are they a culture fit? Are they a technical fit? Do we see growth potential, drive, leadership, success, and more? With the right culture, the right staff, the right products, and the drive the company is successful.” Due to its commitment to its client base, plus its dedication to ensuring the M3 team are satisfied within the workplace, the company recently gained recognition in the Technology Innovator Awards 2022 and picked up the prestigious accolade of Best Cloud-Based Financial Platform 2022 – USA. As M3 constantly strives to do the right thing for its customers by solving today’s problems and anticipating tomorrow’s needs with forward-thinking products, Scott tells us that the future is looking bright. “We hope to continue simplifying hotel technology and back-office processes for the remainder of 2023,” he states. “We plan to continue releasing state-of-the-art feature functionality to make hoteliers’ lives easier.” Contact: HaleyWolf Company: M3 Web Address: Best Cloud-Based Financial Platform 2022 - USA Built by hoteliers, exclusively for hoteliers, M3 is a powerful cloud-based financial platformand services company serving more than 7,500 properties across North America’s hospitality industry by driving cost savings, revenue enhancement, and business insight. We find out more about the firm following it being named in the Technology Innovator Awards 2022. After 24 years in business, M3 is used by more than 1,000 management groups or owneroperators, and boasts a 95% customer retention rate. M3 is the leadingproviderof back-office accounting, business intelligence, and labor management solutions in thehospitality industry. Theplatformworks seamlesslywithother key systemsand tools in thehospitality industryand offers robust accountingand financial analysis acrossentireportfolioswithoptional operations and timemanagement features. The Covid-19 pandemic was the great reset of the hospitality industry, and now the industry is changing more than ever before. Technology is being used at a record-high rate for not only guest-facing facets but also for back-office processes to streamline operational and financial processes. Over the past year, hoteliers have seen tremendous value in implementing back-office technology, as they help to lower operational costs and increaseoverall efficiencyand accuracy. M3 has onboarded nearly 600 hotels onto its platformsince January 2022 alone, providing hotelierswith theability to bringmultipledata points intoone platform, enabling themto havean accurate financial and operational snapshot acrossmultiple hotels. “Many hotels have updated their guest-facing technology but have neglected their backoffice technology,” explains M3’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Scott Watson. “This has left hotel accounting and operations teams with manual processes and managing an array of spreadsheets that lack the ability to offer insights at a glance – to make critical business decisions. M3 aims to continue innovation to make all hoteliers’ lives easier!” Innovation is everythingat M3 andworking in such a fast-pacedand ever-evolving industry, it is important that thecompany remains ahead of thegame. This comes in the formof an ideas portal called IdeasGateway, which harnesses the power of customer feedback in order for M3 tocontinuously improveand better itself, toensure that the needs and expectations of customers aremet each and every time. “Great ideas can come from everywhere, and M3 wants to make sure we are listening to the most important source: customers!” Scott enthuses. “Their input is critical to upholding M3’s vision of developing and customizing software to meet the needs of any enterprise.” Some of the features Ideas Gateway offers include reviewing previously submitted ideas from other users, searching for ideas by keyword, submitting an idea easily, and voting on ideas that people wish to see implemented. The more votes, the more likely the idea will be implemented. Simple! Anotherway thatM3ensures it provides exceptional customerservice is through its collaborativeand inclusive internal culture,which Nov 2394