Technology Innovator Awards 2022

Apr21843 Best Consultant & Coaches Support Platform 2022 - South Africa RED3SIXTY is the largest business diagnostic platform to help address business challenges, optimise processes, and implement growth strategies. As the firm celebrates a win in the Technology Innovator Awards 2022, we find out more about its pioneering approach to helping its clients to grow their businesses. RED3SIXTY is a business consultancy which provides growth methodologies, analytics, and solutions based on deep tech, specifically AI, and uses algorithms to provide decision support systems tobusinessowners. This isdone through certification and training of management consultants to, in turn, provide diagnostic and business development services to SMEs. The platform is capable of analysing and predicting a business success rate while at the same time providing insights on improvements that have to be made. As a well-established consultancy, RED3SIXTY operates internationally and locally with a national network able to support business development initiatives down to provincial and local area levels. The company provides the platform solution to consultants to help them grow and scale their consulting business, as well as SaaS to large corporate customers who develop their suppliers using the platform. Currently, RED3SIXTY is extending the platform to graduates at no charge in the hope that it will contribute to reducing the high unemployment rate amongst graduates. As one of only a few companies targeting the SME market and, more specifically, targeting the reduction in the high failure rate of SMEs, the RED3SIXTY solution is unique in that it provides free access to business owners, allowing them to improve. By working with thousands of SMEs over the last 10 years, the firm has been able to analyse the correlation between strategy and a business’s success. “While retaining our focus of helping business owners scale at the core of what we do, we have leveraged technology to transform into a technology partner,” explains Steve Sutton, the firm’s founder. “This transformation now enables us to reach more SMEs and have a bigger impact on them and their ability to succeed especially in the current South African and international business climate.” One of the most prominent products that RED3SIXTY offers is the Growth Accelerator, which provides maturity and strategic diagnosis of a more complex and larger business. It combines five key areas to focus on and aims to improve overall business stability, increase organisational maturity, and improve capability through automation and innovation. This solution was used to identify and develop the South African top 40 SMEs over the last three years – a project supported by the South African Minister of small business. The solution was also used to develop 180 SMEs over three years in a rural area, making it the first AI solution used to develop previously disadvantaged groups. “Our SaaS solutions drastically change the way solutions are priced and delivered,” Steve elaborates, explaining what it is that differentiates the company. “Our competitors provided manual andpeople-dependentsolutionswhilewedisrupted the industry by removing this dependency and directly reducing the cost of delivering the service. Using technology, we could scale and provide platform access and development to hundreds of SMEs at a time. We are again using technology to reduce their competitiveness by providing the platform to their customers, forcing them todeliver using our solution.” Generating more than 20 million annually in an industry dominated for more than 20 years by the big five issomething that Stevedescribesasoneof the firm’s greatest achievements, along with being placed third in the ABSA ESD awards category and, more recently, being named Best Consultant & Coaches Support Platform 2022 – South Africa in the Technology Innovator Awards 2022. “All this isdonebypositioning technology services at a timewhen itwas seenas belowthat of humandelivered solutions,” he enthuses. “Now, as we look to the future, we’re committed to continuing making AI available to the broader SME market, and using technology to directly reduce failure rates and better the lives of business owners in the informal market.” Contact: Steve Sutton Company: RED3SIXTY Web Address: Nov 2211