Technology Innovator Awards 2022

May21135 Best Market Intelligence & Scheduling Company 2022 Founded in 2014, Milanamos delivers big intelligence that helps companies to be agile in their marketing responses in order to grow and create a competitive advantage through its subsidiary company, Predictive Mobility. Big data and market intelligence are behind the firm’s hero solution AIR.PM for building a coordinated strategy in network planning, route development, scheduling, pricing, and revenue management. The travel data and analytics platform is intended to help the aviation sector in developing data-centric travel plans and strategies. The platform provides valuable insights and a KPI dashboard that makes data flow fast and easy for airline organisations to benchmark their performance against competitors, enabling clients to easily identify, implement, and increase profits for their business. “This is the result of our vision, 25 years aviation expertise, dedication to innovate, and quality delivery, but also our inspiring talks with you,” enthuses Christoph Ritter, Founder of Predictive Mobility about the innovative platform. “AIR.PM let you cooperatively manage your fleet, schedule, future network, gather market intelligence, and optimise your pricing and inventory.” So, what is agile marketing and why is it such big news? Between customers acting in an unpredictableway and pressure from the competition, themarketing planning process of an airlinemust be agile to insert dynamism in its resource’s allocation. Large carriers can leverage on their technology and marketing power to stay ahead. Medium to small airlines need to adapt to a continuously evolving market environment in order to be profitable, otherwise they will not survive. Against any competitive threat, a system providing an integrated response, acting on capacity, price, and routes network, is the answer for managing all market disruptions. “Our objective is to ensure that your airline can anticipate the opportunities and the challenges of the aviation and travel industries,” Christoph elaborates. “From geopolitics to technological innovation, demographic shifts to environmental concerns, the winds of change buffeting the airline industry can come frommany directions. Understanding the potential Milanamos/Predictive Mobility uses multiple sensor data combined with artificial intelligence to provide the most accurate measure of air, rail traffic, and highway traffic. We find out more about it analytics pioneering in the wake of the firm being recognised in he Technology Innovator Awards 2022. landscape in which your carrier finds itself is therefore critical to ensuring that your company can grow sustainably in the future and maximise its full revenue potential.” Predictive Mobility has a hugely different approach. It does not discount its customers’ market knowledge, and allows them to incorporate it into its own algorithms and processes, using something called Explainable Artificial Intelligence or XAI. Predictive Mobility’s approach is based on ResearchDesign-Data Triangulation “Triangulation is about deepening and widening your understanding of the market forces,” enthuses Christoph. “It leads to multi-perspectives that explain more fully the richness and complexity of a market pattern by studying it frommore than just one standpoint.” The firm’s focus is also on the implementation of a Continuous Improvement Programme. As the market its clients are competing in is continuously evolving, PREdictibve Mobility’s solutions should adapt to meet their demand for new analysis, enhanced processes, and new requirements. “For our team, any idea is a good idea, and we always welcome our customers’ suggestions and recommendations. Because we are not just a system provider, but your partner. Having worked within the airline industry for more than 20 years, we have a wealth of experience you can tap on, but also lots of interest in solving your business issues.” Since the initial release of the system in April 2017, the company has maintained an average of one major release every other month, followed by a minor functional or technical improvement. These constant enhancements of the application come at no incremental cost to the consumer as Christoph and the team acknowledge that the application has to deliver an improved return on investment (ROI) during its lifetime. “We know and acknowledge that continuous enhancement is the new norm,” he continues. “We view and want to build our relationship with you based on trust, gained over time, day by day, and with the objective to be your partner of choice on the long-term.” Recently, Predictive Mobility/Milanamos gained further international recognition in the Technology Innovator Awards 2022 for its pioneering platform, and with this was named Best Market Intelligence & Scheduling Company 2022. Understandably thrilled with this result, Christoph has one final point tomake. “Our focus has always been on bringing tomorrow innovation on your today’s work, with always a true focus on usability,” he states. “The complexity is behind, while our interfaces are designed to be selfexplanatory, without having to refer to a huge system documentation to use it. Like a car, besides all the extra technology your might have, you just need to know how to drive it, benefiting from its electronic to help you against a challenging situation. This is our approach across our platform and our solutions!” Contact: Christoph Ritter Company: Milanamos/Predictive Moblity Web Address: Oct2 648