Technology Innovator Awards 2022

May21135 you create something new. These ongoing challenges motivate us to develop further, stay focused, and do more.” Concerning its clients, malware analysts need an easy-to-use product and Any.Run’s goal is to speed up cybersecurity specialists’ processes and simplify their daily tasks, whilst always being open to communication and ready to help a customer with any technical difficulties. Innovation is obviously a huge deal for Any.Run. While everyone is creating automatic sandboxes that are quite the old news on the market, the firm has turned to manual analysis. “Nothing can replace it, andwe focused on a completely interactive service where direct actionsmatter themost,” Anton continues. “We’re proud to say that it was a game-changerwhenwe first shared this tool with the industry. WithAny.Run, you canworkwith a suspicious sample directly as if you opened it on your personal computer: click, open, type, reboot.” Besides that, the company tries to care for its customers and makes a very challenging analysis process smooth and easy. With flexible configuration of a simulation, clients don’t have to install anything at all. They can choose the locale (country, language, currency), OS version, and redirect traffic through other countries, plus upload their own OpenVPN for effective malware detection in the virtual environment. And they don’t need additional servers, software, or hardware. The innovative and intuitive interface is suitable for both students and experts – even universities and schools use Any.Run in their programmes. But it’s not simply innovative products that has made the company so successful, it is also the important role that the staff play which has significantly helped. At Any.Run, it is extremely important to create a place where it would be pleasant not only to work but also to communicate, share the joy, and be sure that everyone stands up for each other. “We believe a person can be more productive if they feel cared for and this idea has become not only our product philosophy but what our whole company stands for,” Anton enthuses. “For example, the teamwork is a key feature that our enterprise clients love. Collaborative work on samples, shared history and reports, management functionality – a joint effort can bring effective results.” Recently, Any.Run was recognised in the Technology Innovator Awards 2022 and named Best Malware Monitoring & Analysis Innovators. Now, as the firm looks to the future, it is focused on continuing to provide the same great products backed up with the exceptional service that its customers have come to expect. “We value the time of our clients and do our best to make their research fast, convenient, and informative. We would like users to enjoy their investigations and leave the rest to us. We will try to work hard to make their experience on the service better.” Company: ANY.RUN Contact: Anton Smagin Web Address: Best Malware Monitoring & Analysis Innovators 2022 Trusted by thousands, innovative cloud-based malware hunting service, Any.Run allows clients to track behaviour activities in real-time with full interactive access. We find out more about this firm as it is rewarded for its hard work in the Technology Innovator Awards 2022. Oct2 5 Any.Run is an interactive online malware analysis sandbox which detects, analyses, and monitors cybersecurity threats. A userfriendly interface allows clients to perform effective and qualitative investigations worldwide. The interactive sandbox allows malware analysts to investigate complex, unknown threats; get a detailed behavior report; and customise emulation for each sample. Users are in full control of the analysis flow and can interact with a malicious object directly. The firm provides instant results, real-time mode, and all data is within reach. Any.Run covers the entire information spectrum: IOCs, memory configurations, network traffic, and more. “Our main priority is to provide complete data privacy for our users,” explains Chief Marketing Officer, Anton Smagin. “We also try to decrease the cost of employees for business; 90% of tasks can be completed by junior specialists. They don’t need a bunch of certificates to finish everyday tasks; a clear and simple tool is more than enough. And it’s important for us to grow the community by making cybersecurity more accessible: most of the functionality is available for free.” Cybersecurity is a very dynamic and ever-changing spherewith the constant defense and offense race certainly keeping people on their toes. “Today, there is one way to research malware, and you build a feature for it, but tomorrow a need to analyse attacks differently appears, so