Telecom Awards 2019

10 Corporate Vision - Telecom Awards 2019 , Blue Signal Best Wireless & Telecom Workforce Recruitment Agency - USA: Blue Signal May19001 Seeking to connect top quality talent with the companies capable of support and enhancing their skills, Blue Signal is a top recruiting firm specializing in executive placement for industry leaders. We invited CEO, MatthewWalsh, to tell us more about the firmand the range of professional services it has to offer. Established in 2012, Blue Signal is a nationwide executive search firm that connects companies seeking the best talent in their respective industries with superior performers. Matt begins by discussing his firm’s service offerings and how this has been specifically designed to benefit both candidates and companies. “At Blue Signal, we work with many clients in the Telecom and Network Infrastructure ecosystem ranging from carriers, integrators, OEMs, engineering service providers, third party neutral host, fiber companies and anyone on the cutting edge of new technology. Blue Signal typically works on sales, marketing, operations and engineering roles ranging from in-field operations all the way up to C-level, presidents and executives. We have an extensive network of relationships that gives us an understanding of alignment with each of our clients within the wireless ecosystem,” Matt explains “Thanks to this approach, we know many of the top players and most innovative companies, so we are able to match top talent with top companies. To these clients and candidates, we offer full-time permanent search services in addition to contract and staffing services. These include retained, engaged, contingent, exclusive, contract and contract-to-hire search services. Where we provide the most value is by understanding our clients at a deep level, determining why the role is open and helping them define a story and selling points as to why somebody would want this opportunity to accelerate their career. We work with many of our candidates to understand their career drivers and motivators and how an opportunity may match up with a role that compliments their career progression.” This supportive approach towards both the clients and candidates has driven Blue Signal to its current success. Matt elaborates in further detail how the firm works from the very beginning of the process to ensure that everyone the firm supports receives the service they expect and deserve. “When starting with any new client or candidate, we have an intake process in which we gather a thorough understanding of specifically what it is they are looking for and why. For us to make sure we are successful and have a positive outcome, it is important that we cover all these items on the front end. Most of our role involves educating our clients on the marketplace, the landscape, the competitors and how other companies in that industry are treating many of their talent.” “Therefore, we focus on the education side to ensure our clients are in the best position possible to achieve the most successful outcome. Often, we are listening to their needs and desires to come up with as many options and opportunities as possible, as there is not a universal solution that fits all. Each client is unique and deserves a specialized search approach and as such, every member of the Blue Signal team is committed to communicating with our clients from the beginning, to guarantee they receive the support and service they need to build the perfect team.” Matt says. In his concluding comments, Matt expresses his pride in his firm’s current success and shares insight into how they will build upon this through a range of invigorating new projects over the years to come. “Looking towards the future, Blue Signal has a number of exciting new projects on the horizon. We are constantly looking for the best way to deliver top talent in a timely fashion while ensuring the highest level of professionalism and due diligence. We work with our candidates and clients to conduct surveys and evaluations that confirm we are staying ahead of the curve while offering the best service possible.” In addition to upcoming ideas and innovations for Blue Signal, Matt also has in mind a few key industry additions that will take his firm to the next level. “In the future, we are going to have a few new offerings focused on retention support for many of our clients and how they can build their own brand, hire their own pipeline and potentially not have to use recruiters. We are also working with many of our candidates on self-branding, resume help and how to correctly identify their career paths. Another concept we plan to incorporate is increased specialized training and development work with recruiters and integrating artificial intelligence software services into our portfolio along with training using facial recognition.” “Overall, these new projects will help drive Blue Signal and its valued clients to even greater success. We are proud of all of the hard work we’ve put into supporting our clients and candidates, and we will continue to work closely with the best talent and companies in the telecom market over the coming years.” Contact Details: Company: Blue Signal Name: Matt Walsh Address: 4545 E. Shea #250, Phoenix, AZ 85028, USA Telephone Number: (480) 939-3200 Web Address: