UK Corporate Excellence Awards 2017

10 Corporate Vision / 2017 UKGlobal Excellence Awards , Quality Partner Limited was established over two years ago to provide organizations in the manufacturing sector world class training and consultancy support related to Total Productive Maintenance and Management Systems, including ISO9001 and IATF 16949, the standard for the automotive supply chain. Paul discusses how he came to found the firm drawing on his vast experience in the market. “Having been involved in the automotive manufacturing sector for over 40 years, working in the supply chain, as a third- party auditor, and as a trainer/ consultant, I have learnt a lot about what clients are looking for in terms of consultancy and training support. “Rather than just delivering “Death by PowerPoint”, clients want training and consultancy support, delivering not only the theory, but how to apply tools and techniques in their everyday work, to add value to their organization. I have learnt to provide support by applying “learn by doing”, delivering short teach points, and then practical application, either on the shop floor or by case study simulations. “My background with Maintenance dates back to working in the manufacturing sector with the TI Group, but in those days maintenance was driven by equipment breakdown rather than a system driven by prevention. In 2004, while working at SMMT Industry Form, I was introduced to the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPM), the recognized founders of the pillar approach to Total Productive Maintenance (TPM). I was given practical training on the real meaning of TPM, and undertook many visits to world class organizations to see effective implementation in leading best practice groups to Japan. “JIPM have a global awards scheme for TPM, and I was the first assessor outside of Japan to be qualified as a JIPM assessor. Undertaking assessment was a fantastic learning experience, seeing many innovate ways to implement TPM. “When establishing Quality Partner, I was approach by several clients to assist them in their TPM journeys. For successful TPM implementation all employees in the organization need to be involved, for the most senior management to the shop floor employees. TPM Best TPM Training Specialist 2017 Quality Partner Limited is a global network of experts tomeet all their clients Management Systemand Total ProductiveMaintenance (TPM) training and implementation needs. We invited Founder and Director Paul Hardiman to tell us more about the firmand the services it provides. UK170012 is about changing the culture in the organization to change from “my machine breaks and maintenance fix it”, to I own my machine, and my organization has given me the skills to care for my machine to prevent breakdown.” Staff are vital to the successful implementation of TPM, as they need to be dedicated to offering prompt and efficient support, as Paul highlights. “One of the fundamental pillars of TPM is autonomous maintenance. This is getting the shop floor employees to understand their machines, understand how they work and why they break down, and then involving them in maintaining and improving the machine condition. “Initial activities involve cleaning and inspecting the machine, with the support of maintenance, and then using a step by step approach developing routines to keep the machine in optimum condition to prevent breakdown. “Maintenance personnel have a vital role to transfer knowledge and then, by shop floor employee support in looking after the condition of the machines, they can spend more time on proactive preventive and predictive maintenance activities.” Since inception, Quality Partner has been involved in supporting companies from around the world on their improvement journeys, in large multi-national organizations looking for a single global provider, and small to medium enterprises. Most of the business won has been on reputation and referral, rather than marketing, as testimony to the level of excellence that the firm provides to every client it supports, and this will be its ongoing focus, as Paul concludes. “There are many challenges affecting manufacturing organizations in the future, but my belief is that effective application of TPM can help them. “By using global recognized management systems such as IATF 16949, coupled with TPM, organizations can move towards world class status, ensuring customer satisfaction, while improving internal efficiency. Supporting them in this will remain our core ambition at Quality Partner, and we are excited for the opportunities that lie ahead.” Company: Quality Partner Limited Contact Email: Paul.hardiman@ Telephone: +447341 845930 Web Address: Best TPM Training Specialist 2017