UK Corporate Excellence Awards 2017

14 Corporate Vision / 2017 UKGlobal Excellence Awards , Best Hair Styling & Colouring Specialists 2017 – Glasgow & Award for Excellence in Hypnotherapy Services Macs Hair Studio is an innovative hair dressing salon based in Glasgow, offering a range of styling treatments as well as hypnotherapy. We spoke to Salon OwnerMel and Hypnotherapist Ann to find out more about the salon and the range of services it offers. Macs Hair Studio is an innovative hairdressing salon based in Glasgow offering a range of styling treatments as well as Hypnotherapy. We spoke to Salon Owner Mel and Hypnotherapist Ann to find out more about the salon and the range of services it offers. Macs Hair Salon opened it’s doors 7 years ago, however the staffs ‘ vast combined years of experience’ they are a force to be reckoned with. Sophie and Amy are the colour specialists and it is plain for all to see that when it comes to their creations they are not afraid to experement to get the desired look. Sophie, our Artistic Director has a great eye for creating funky and the ‘must have’ colour trends. Amy, our senior stylist is a perfectionist when it comes to her colours and the end result always has a flawless finish. Each member of staff brings their ideas to the salon and with the range of colours available and no shortage of volunteer heads, the girls come up with amazing results.The team also includes Mel, internationally recognised by Racoon Hair Extensions as an ‘expert’ in application & knowledge of their brand and is one of the top hair extensionists’ in the UK, and the trio work together to create a truly exceptional service for their clients. Mel provides more detail on this dedicated team and how they ensure excellence for every client they treat. “Here at Macs Hair Studio our hard-working team are always striving to be the best at what we do. Every member of the team is 100% committed to their respective roles. Our combined knowledge is second to none and each of us willing to try new ideas and techniques which our clients will love and benefit from”. “To create a style that we can truly be proud of, feedback from our clients in invaluable. We would never simply listen to what the client wanted, then do something else just because it suited us, or we thought it would look better. We discuss, advise and listen to our clients and if there is something that the client would like to try, colour wise, then we are more than happy to do this.” Alongside the Salons hairdressing services, Ann is the inhouse Life coach and Hypnotherapist. As the them, long as the client is willing to change old behaviours, fears, phobias, habits then the results are lifechanging. Hypnotherapy, NLP or Life coaching in today’s fast paced modern world can help clients gain an understanding of themselves. Anxiety and other stresses may sometimes develop. These alternative therapies will allow clients to explore options that are open to them, this is why therapy is so important. Through her work, Ann (Ann Currie Coaching) has helped people from all walks of life overcome issues and gain control of their lives again. She understands that many clients can be sceptical, which is why she offers taster sessions to ease new clients into the process, as she is eager to emphasise. “Peoples thoughts on the benefits of hypnotherapy are changing. It is transformational, it can assist in achieving goals, it can help you take control and get rid of fears and phobias and it can change lives. All change happens from the ‘inside out’. I would love to see more people invest in themselves; not just the material things that can make you happy on the short term but to really think about your future. My taster events allow people to see and hear of how Hypnotherapy can be of benefit to them. These events are open to anyone who would like to change their way of thinking, long term.” Ultimately, through both the hairdressing and hypnotherapy services it offers, Macs Hair Studio has many exciting opportunities ahead and it looks towards a bright and exciting future, as Mel concludes. “At the end of 2017 we (Mel & Ann) were invited to the UK Hairdressing Awards in London by Racoon International. The room was buzzing and full of wonderful talent. We have many projects in the pipeline, you will just need to wait and see what we are up to on our social media.” “With regard to the Hypnotherapy services we provide, Ann’s continued aim is to provide the best and safest techniques for her clients, to help set them free from their old ways and habits with the confidence within themselves to take control and move forward in their life journey and to be the best they possibly can be as individuals. Both sides of the business look set for an exciting and prosperous future, we are all looking forward to seeing 2018 has in store for us.” UK170019 Company: Macs Hair Studio Contact: Melissa McNaughton Address: De Courcy’s Arcade, 5 Cresswell Lane, Glasgow, G12 8AA, UK Phone: 0141 357 5511