Coaching Elite Supplement 2018

CORPORATE VISION / Coaching Elite 2018 11 30 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 9 2018 , 1up coaching is a firm that accompanies and promotes the discovery of the values, interests, talents and purpose of the individuals and organisations we workwith, empowering the development of a unique set abilities and tools that allow them to experience a real life “1up”. Taking time to provide us with a detailed insight into the firm is 1up coaching’s Co-Founder and Senior Coach, Marina Armendares who reveals more about their award-winning services. Level Up I’m not a gamer, but I’m hooked on 1up’s. 1up is a concept derived from videogames, it’s a high value achievement that gives the player an extra life; this singular advantage usually allows the player to perform beyond the usual limitations of the game. In order to obtain a 1up, players must be willing to use all of their talents and experiences, and to take conscious risks to face the game’s challenges and complete its goals. Our story at 1up coaching is not very typical, both myself and Santiago Trabolsi (the firm’s co-founder) are licensed Psychologists, I have a background in neuroscience and had heard very little about coaching when I first met Santiago while working alongside him on a project for a transnational company back in 2013. A proud Newfield grad, he was already a certified coach at the time. Without knowing much about what he was doing, and even showing a bit of the veiled scorn psychologists usually have towards coaching, I was impressed by the deep and powerful impact he was able to create in the groups we were working with. Before I knew it, I was hooked on coaching. Fast- forward a few years, after getting my certification at iPEC, we’re working for some of Mexico’s most ground breaking and fastest growing companies and coaching has become our way of life. Santiago and I are in our early thirties; our firm’s staff and associate coaches are also young compared to most coaches offering business, executive and performance coaching programs in Mexico. We have found incredible opportunities in the fact that we do not look or sound like the stereotypical “high profile” coach. The fact that our clients don’t have a rigid set of expectations has allowed us great freedom in developing innovative and creative approaches to coaching. As such, this has positioned us as one of the most interesting coaching firms to watch in the region and has appealed to likeminded companies, people and organisations who are looking to stretch the limits of what coaching can be and do for them. Form where we stand it looks like potential coaching clients are tired of hearing the same value proposal, the coaching scene, at least in Mexico is ripe for disruption. This is what we strive to do, we are allowing ourselves to be brave and adventurous, while also implementing rigorous impact measurement and feedback processes for all of our programs. We believe that this balance is what’s given us an edge over the more established and traditional coaching firms in the country. 1809CV17 Beyond offering high quality individual and group coaching which are, and probably always will be, the backbone of our practice, we now integrate to our programs some of the more successful tools and methodologies that have risen from our experimentation over the past few years. Two of the most representative examples of this are our Game Up and Genetic Skillset Coaching programs. Game up is a methodology that uses carefully selected videogames as a vehicle for our clients to go through very specific emotional and rational experiences, that are then used as anchors for powerful and highly relevant coaching sessions. Our Genetic Skillset coaching and teambuilding programs are another successful product of recent experimentation in which clients take a simple genetic test that analyses genes related to Serotonin, Dopamine and Oxytocin, which determine their genetic behavioural disposition. We then examine the client’s results and use them as framework for an individual coaching process or as the basis for a teambuilding experience that promotes deep understanding on a personal and group level, allowing each participant to consider and appreciate the value of all the different genetic personality profiles. These are just two of the most productive examples of what allowing ourselves to follow our interests and intuition has permitted us; there are also quite a few of unsuccessful or forgotten experiments, but we take great pride in having created a safe and fruitful space for us and our team to explore and be creative. In the near future, we will continue to focus on taking care and expanding this space by attracting more talent to our firm, by finding more and better ways to acquire and analyse data and by steadily pushing the boundaries of coaching, not because we find it lacking, but because we know it’s potential is limitless. Contact: Marina Armendares Company: 1up coaching, Ural Mountains 424, Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico City, 11000, Mexico Telephone: 001 551 919 1921 Web Address: