Coaching Elite Supplement 2018

12 CORPORATE VISION / Coaching Elite 2018 , 4 Issue 11 2018 Coaching Dynamics delivers a complete strategic growth solution for SME businesses who have the determination, passion, vision and resources to sustainably grow their businesses. Following her recent success in CV’s 2018 Coaching Elite as the Leading Coach fromEssex, we profiled and spoke to Tina Dulieu to discover more about the exceptional coaching she provides to clients. Challenging You To Be Successful! Coaching Dynamics IS Tina Dulieu. Bringing her expertise, skills, business experience and mathematical acumen from over 21 years in business and a previous 12-year mathematics teaching career, Tina Dulieu inspires and challenges her clients to be successful. Tina’s ability to quickly understand the whole business picture, empathise with any challenges, be excited about their potential, and then put a plan in place to help the Directors and Senior Management achieve their aims and business vision, is central to her award-winning work. This is achieved through a mix of business coaching, growth strategy planning, executive coaching, personality profiling and management training. On average, Tina works with businesses with between 15 to 100+ employees, where her focused work can have a real impact on their efficiency, profitability, growth, success and empowerment of their people. In addition to this, Tina also helps clients identify opportunities for innovation, as there are significant tax benefits and rewards for research and development. Coaching Dynamics’ mission is “ Challenging You To Be Successful! ”. Everything that Tina does challenges her clients’ thought processes, widens their horizons, and helps them to assess, plan and take appropriate actions. Tina begins by explaining the approach Coaching Dynamics takes when working with a new client to ensure that they receive the best possible outcome, as well as reflecting on a client case study. “Every project and action plan is specific to each individual company, even those within the same industry. As an independent business coach and management trainer, I can tailor my skills and strategies according to the priorities of the client. It begins with an initial meeting with the Directors to learn their aspirations, challenges, vision and people, plus determine their focus, as it can take dedicated work to achieve their ambitions. “Time and resources are required to deliver a growth and development programme, and if the Directors and their senior management team are committed to this, then we work together for a minimum of 6-12 months. We build a strategic three-year growth plan giving attention to every aspect of the business, including management team development. My programmes are not a quick fix: they are a strategically determined course of action. We move the business forward sustainably and profitably, at a pace that suits the business. Their return on investment of time, energy and finance is reaped in multitude, which is why my key clients stay long-term and others return time and again to achieve new aspirations. “An example of this is a client of six years, a pharmaceutical company, that has quadrupled in turnover, profit and people since I began working with them, achieving many goals along the way. Together we’ve created a business growth strategy, engaged in management training programmes and individual executive coaching. Plus, all employees have been DISC Personality Profiled and the results analysed, creating cohesive teams who understand each other’s strengths, weaknesses and know who else will fit in as they expand. All very powerful! The company is highly acclaimed in their industry winning awards again this year.” When discussing what differentiates Coaching Dynamics from competitors within the industry, Tina highlights the qualities she possesses which marks her out as the best possible option for clients. “My whole career has been spent helping people to achieve their 1809CV25 potential, first as an inspirational mathematics teacher, then as the owner and manager of a franchised educational business, which I grew for 10 years and profitably sold. Now it’s through the very successful Coaching Dynamics utilising my Coaching Academy Corporate & Executive Coaching and Management Training qualifications. “I have only one agenda: to help my clients achieve their goals and ambitions and be hugely more successful than they would have been without my intervention. Also, I’m told that my personable and supportive style together with an intelligent, knowledgeable and wise perspective on business distinguishes me within the business coaching industry.” Looking ahead to what the future holds for Coaching Dynamics, Tina reveals the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for both the firm and for CV’s Leading Coach from Essex. “Lots of exciting things! I’m writing a business and management help-book with many strategies to help others be more efficient and effective. Also, I’m involved in a documentary about women, their role in society, challenges and achievements. Opportunities come my way regularly and I look to developing many new avenues that are beneficial to Coaching