Recruitment Elite Supplement 2018

CORPORATE VISION / Recruitment Elite 2018 7 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 11 2018 21 , East Recruitment Admin Ltd is a recruitment agency based inHerefordshire which supports a wide range of businesses in the region. We invited Imelda Keturkaite to tell us more about the firmand the vast array of solutions it has to offer. Sustained Excellence in Recruitment Services & Best for Temporary Recruitment Solutions - Herefordshire Drawing on the vast experience of its leaders, East Recruitment Admin specialises in pro- viding the labour that its clients need to succeed. Ranging from various agricultural companies to large bottling companies, the firm works hard to provide the right candidates to suit the needs of its clients, utilising an innovative, client focused approach which Imelda is eager to highlight. “To provide the right candidates for our clients, at East Recruit- ment Admin our process is simple: we supply the demand of any business which requires a source of labour. After assessing the business closely, we are then able to provide candidates who fit the role perfectly. With a labour force which possesses a wide range of skills and specialities, this allows us to provide candi- dates in the right positions, that not only suit their preference, but also that of our clients. “Fundamentally, our main focus lies in the satisfaction of our clients. We strive to provide a service that goes beyond their expectations, as we believe this to be the main aim when building a strong business relationship and also growing ourselves. In order to maintain this, we must keep track of our performance, but most importantly work closely with our connections, listening and adapting with anything they may say.” Internally, the firm works hard to ensure it operates a collaborative and supportive culture that cre- ates efficiency and effectiveness for clients, as Imelda explains. “As a recruitment firm, at East Recruitment Admin we aim to have a supported and satisfied workforce so that we can act as an example to our clients and provide them with the very highest possible standards of service. We are all good friends in the office, which allows for a very comfortable and happy environment to work in, and we make sure to keep it that way. It is our belief that this is what allows us to be very productive and efficient in the way we work, helping one another and making sure we all excel together.” Thanks to the experience of this dedicated team in the recruitment market, East Recruitment Admin has a strong understanding of the latest trends and devel- opments in its industry and is always working to adapt around these to remain at the forefront of the latest changes. Imelda shares a fascinating insight into the market currently and how major challenges are changing the focus for firms such as hers. “Currently within the wider re- cruitment industry, the main issue is the large topic of Brexit. This is a cause of much concern and uncertainty within the industry, which we believe will only worsen as we move towards the busier seasons of the year, such as Summer. Many are unaware of the full effect that this may provide, therefore leaving many uncertain on the outcomes this year. The main threat is the shortage of labour for the upcoming harvest season, which we cannot predict the outcome of currently. Already, we have had businesses from areas far from us contacting us as they have a large demand for staff due to the reducing numbers, and as such we are working with them to en- sure that they remain fully staffed and have the right workforce for the job.” As she explores the future of East Recruitment Admin, Imelda is also keen to emphasise the firm’s ongoing dedication to 1809CV43 supporting its clients’ success, as she proudly concludes. “Overall, with regards to the future, at East Recruitment Admin we believe in growing our business and offering our services to many more business- es that we meet. Our service offering has proven to be of great benefit to many companies we have worked with, therefore we believe that we can offer the same to more clients. Industries will continue to demand staffing solutions and we will continue to meet their demands by supplying the best services we can. In the case of any issues or setbacks, we will work closely with our clients to overcome anything that may arise. As we grow, we be- lieve in growing our connections with us so that we are able to share in their success and con- tinue to support and collaborate with them.” Company: East Recruitment Admin Ltd Contact: Imelda Keturkaite Address: Wolf Business Park, Unit 4, Alton Road, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, HR9 5NB, UK Phone: 01989 763 284 Website: